Ellen: Max Greenfield Dances Ballet & New Girl’s Schmidt the Womanizer


Ellen: Max Greenfield’s First Time

New Girl is an absolutely hilarious show and I’m convinced that it’s all because of Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield. He’s suave, offensive and unpredictable. This was his first time on Ellen and he really wasn’t afraid to bust a quick move on his way out.

All of the ladies love him and Schmidt has really grown into his character. Forget Zooey Deschanel, I want to watch the Schmidt Show.


Ellen: Max Greenfield Dances Ballet & New Girl's Schmidt the Womanizer

Max Greenfield’s first time on Ellen was a hit. He talked about his daughter’s ballet skills and Schmidt’s womanizing ways on FOX’s New Girl. (image credit: Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock.com)

New Girl: Schmidt the Womanizer

He’s got an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for the role. Greenfield said he hoped his years of auditions would pay off, and pay off well. The show hit a jackpot with Greenfield. Max Greenfield said his character is a womanizer that doesn’t get a lot of women.

Max Greenfield Married With Children

In real life, Greenfield is married and has a daughter. His daughter is three and she just had her first ballet recital. He said it was fantastic, but not really ballet. She danced to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” He would be thrilled if his daughter became a dancer.


Max Greenfield Tries To Dance Ballet

Greenfield said he is not a dancer, but he had one epic fail at dancing that is noteworthy. Millenium is a dance studio in L.A. and a lot of his acting school friends went there. He went with them and the class was being taught by “the Pele of dancing,” Wade Robson. He said the 45 minute class was torture because he couldn’t handle choreography. He had to sit out, but the class was incredible.

“Why do you look like a butterfly in the sky and I look like that?” he laughed.

At least he was a good sport about it.


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