Ellen: Matt LeBlanc Episodes, Golden Globe & Finding Bigfoot


Ellen: Matt LeBlanc Episodes

Ellen congratulated Matt LeBlanc, Episodes star, on the upcoming second season of his cable series, in which he plays himself.

“I love the show and I was hoping that it would continue,” she said. “I thought it might be too inside for people.”


Ellen: Matt LeBlanc Episodes

Ellen chatted with Matt LeBlanc about his successful new show Episodes & winning a Golden Globe. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

The show is about two English writers who have a hit show in Britain that gets brought to the U.S. but the American adaptation is bastardized by corporate executives.

“It’s about two English writers who have a hit show there and bring it to the states,” Matt said.


Matt said he plays a “bizarre version” of himself who struggles to get along with the people associated with the fictitious show because they didn’t want him to be part of it.

“It’s really about the relationship between these flawed characters,” he said. “How we navigate this weird triangle and these crazy characters at the network.”

“I really think it’s so clever,” Ellen said. “So well written.”

Ellen: Matt LeBlanc Golden Globe

This year Matt LeBlanc received a Golden Globe award for his work on Episodes. Matt said he had been nominated before for his work as Joey Tribbiani on the hit show Friends but had never won.

“I had been there before, been nominated, and gone home drunk,” he said.

Matt said when he was nominated this year, he was anticipating the same routine.

“I was all set to do that thing you do and I said, ‘Wow…that sounds a lot like my name,'” Matt said.

Once onstage, Matt said he was terribly nervous looking out to see all of the most talented people in show business looking back at him.

“I got really really nervous and made eye contact with one person–Steven Spielberg,” he said.

Trying to assuage his embarrassment, Ellen said, “I thought you were great.”

Matt said he felt particularly embarrassed because as he listened to Claire Danes explain how the first time she received a Golden Globe, she forgot to thank her mother, he realized that he hadn’t thanked her in the speech he prepared. At the last minute he scrambled to add a thank you to his mother into his speech.

“I did that and forgot to thank one of the producers,” Matt confessed.

Ellen: Matt LeBlanc International Fame

Matt explained that Episodes is filmed in Europe. He said it’s harder to lead an inconspicuous life there than it is when he’s home.

“When you’re home, you have your routine and you can stay out of the spotlight, but there it’s a little different,” he said.

Matt said that unfortunately his celebrity status seems rejuvenated by a new wave of Friends reruns. He said it’s especially strange that a new generation is seeing the show for the first time, sometimes without an understanding that the show has been out of production for the better part of a decade.

“I was in Target, because I’m cheap,” Matt said. “These young girls were there. They spotted me and started following me around and they came up to me and said, ‘You’re Joey on Friends…You’re so…old.”

Ellen: Matt LeBlanc’s Favorite Friends Seasons

Reflecting on the decade he spent with the cast of Friends, Matt LeBlanc says the early seasons are the ones he likes the most.

“The real early ones are the funniest to watch I think,” he said. “We started in ’94 and I look at that and I think, ‘Wow…young.'”

Amazingly, Matt said that before he started Friends, which undoubtedly launched his career, he had a paltry $11 to his name.

Ellen: Matt LeBlanc Finding Bigfoot Review

Matt LeBlanc admitted that despite how much he doesn’t care for reality shows, there’s one that he’s become helplessly obsessed with: Finding Bigfoot.

“I TiVo it every night and I just can’t not watch it,” he said.

Matt admitted that part of the reason he likes the show so much is that he thinks bigfoot has to be real. Though he did have a sense of humor about it, as he reenacted Joel McHale making fun of the show.

Before commercial break, Ellen joked to her viewing audience, “Don’t change the channel! We’re going to show you bigfoot!”

Ellen & Matt LeBlanc Accents

Ellen said that since the shows Matt has been on have achieved tremendous international success, she and Matt had to practice doing different accents. They did so in a game where one of them would raise a sign with a certain accent on it to their head, while the other tried to give clues as to what accent it was.

Ellen was not nearly as good at the game as Matt. Instead of imitating the accents, she gave clues. For example, for “english,” Ellen said, “I’m speaking that right now.”

Matt was surprisingly good at the game, successfully imitating French, Jamaican, Italian, valley girl, Irish, and Brooklyn accents–all while being timed!

Ellen Gives Matt LeBlanc Bigfoot

Matt LeBlanc thanked Ellen for the equestrian helmet she gave his daughter when last he was on the show. Ellen said she had another gift for him.

“Last one wasn’t really for me,” Matt said jokingly. “Just saying…”

The gift she brought for Matt was fantastic! It was a miniature statue of bigfoot, to poke fun at his obsession with the show Finding Bigfoot. Upon receiving it, Matt ran his hand over the statue’s head.

“You don’t have to pet it,” Ellen said.


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