Ellen: Matt Lauer Keg Stand Facebook Photo & Circumcision Joke


Ellen: Matt Lauer Dances It Out

While we all wake up to Matt Lauer, he wakes up by dancing with Ellen. At least he did today. He said that he is a “bedroom dancer.” He said that in his 17 years on the Today Show he has never danced. His jam session today was like a coming out.

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Matt Lauer: Keg Stand Facebook Photo

Matt Lauer’s Facebook photos were a little more adult. He was doing a keg stand in the hallways of the Today Show offices. He joked that Kathie Lee & Hoda start the day with wine and he likes an upside down shot.

Since he did go to a top party school, I’m sure the position was normal for him. Lauer is a graduate of Ohio University and it’s disappointing that he didn’t give his alma mater a shout out for everything he learned about partying during his time there.

Is Matt Lauer a Jerk?

Lauer said that he doesn’t pay attention to what the tabloids and news outlets say about him. He has had some negative press lately, especially when Ryan Seacrest became a Today Show correspondent for the 2012 London Olympics. Matt Lauer said that his schedule keeps him focused on what’s important.


Ellen: Matt Lauer Keg Stand Facebook Photo & Circumcision Joke

Matt Lauer laughed off some doctored keg stand photos from Facebook, but all of the Ohio University students know that Lauer can party hard. (image credit: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)

“Don’t let the loud voices get you,” Matt Lauer was advised by former President George W Bush.

Matt Lauer Gets Heated With Tom Cruise

From over the years, Matt Lauer has had some interesting on air moments. He said that the fight with Tom Cruise, which has since been resolved, was heated. He knew that it would make good television and he liked that.

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, President Bush was getting very heated over a debate about national security and torturing terrorists. Lauer said there was nothing he could do but take it.

Matt Lauer Interviews Ellen DeGeneres

In another photo, which was hard for him to tell, he teamed up with Greco-Roman wrestlers for an Olympic shot. He said he got hurt during the photo.

Ellen pulled up a photo of her and Matt Lauer from the early days of her show. He said he liked interviewing her outside at Today because the crowd went wild for Ellen. It reminded her of the times when people weren’t so pleased with her, but she appreciates the praise now.

Martha Stewart Joins Match.com

Matt Lauer was shocked that Martha Stewart has a hard time meeting people. After Martha signed up, Match.com has seen a 30 percent increase in users. He believes that Martha has not only encouraged men to search, but women are empowered by her openness.

“You’re helping her meet guys now?” Ellen asked.

“Now, that’s sounding a little like a pimp,” Matt Lauer interjected.

Lauer said that Martha will meet the men on Today and go out for coffee.

Classic Joke Tuesday: Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer wanted a piece of Ellen’s Classic Joke Tuesday. He told this slightly edgy, mostly clean joke.

“Two 10-year-old boys are in the shower after gym class. One boy looks at the other and says, “Your Thing is different than my Thing. How is that?”

The boy says, “It’s because I’m circumcised.”

The first boy looked at him and said, “When did they do that?”

He said, “When I was a baby.”

“Did it hurt?” the first boy asked.

“Did it hurt? I couldn’t walk for a year!”


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