Ellen: Mark Wahlberg & Diddy Announce New Partnership With AQUAhydrate


Ellen: Mark Wahlberg & Sean “Diddy” Combs AQUAhydrate

Even though Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs grew up and worked in the entertainment business together, working with each other has changed them both. While Mark joked that it was complicated, Diddy said it was like “Ebony and Ivory.”

Ellen: Mark Wahlberg & Diddy Announce New Partnership With AQUAhydrate

Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs came together to support AQUAhydrate. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Mark met Diddy when he worked for Uptown Records as an intern. Over the years, Diddy moved up and became the king of hip hop. He’s been behind the success of a lot of people. Diddy takes credit for Mark’s movie career, saying he called it years ago.

Ellen: Diddy & Mark – Odd Couple

They are still like yin and yang, a completely odd couple. Mark invited Diddy to the Golden Globes last month and left at 7 p.m. He told Diddy he had to use the bathroom and went home to go to bed. Diddy said he’s used to it because he’s a big partier and people don’t like to stay out as late as him.

When they were younger, Diddy and Mark would get on planes and go wherever, whenever. It got expensive, but if you look at Entourage that was Mark’s life. He’s now settling down with his wife and kids.


Mark inspired Diddy to evolve. He’s come into faith and religion thanks to Mark, who attends church every day. Diddy said he is trying to fix his brand and make it bigger with Mark’s help.

Ellen: AQUAhydrate Review

While training for The FighterMark met a friend who was talking about a new water. He thought it was just a get rich quick scheme, but when his recovery time was cut in half he became a huge fan of AQUAhydrate. It’s like a sports drink but without the sugars. Diddy tried it and it helped him cure hangovers. They teamed up to bring the drink to the masses.

AQUAhydrate has a nine pH level which helps your body balance out and gives you more energy. Other fitness drinks have a lot of sugars in them that bog you down. AQUAhydrate does not.

Diddy said that he grew up as a Kool-Aid kid. He was also a bed wetter. He went on a quest to stop wetting the bed and cut out sugary drinks. He blamed the sugars for his bed wetting and said that water is the way to go.

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Ellen: Ciroc Shot Contest

Diddy also has his successful vodka, Ciroc. Ellen thought it would be funny to have them do a shots contest with Ciroc and AQUAhydrate. Diddy did shots for every wrong answer Mark gave. Diddy drank a lot of Ciroc.

  • What is the symbol for water?
  • Name all of the oceans.
  • Name all of the characters on Gilligan’s Island.

Answers: H2O; Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Southern; Gilligan, Skipper, The Howells, Ginger, Professor, Mary Ann

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