Ellen: Mariah Carey Las Vegas Show & Pranks Her Fans Dressed as Maid


Ellen: Mariah Carey Twins

Mariah Carey came by Ellen to talk about some big news. The last time she was on Ellen, she was pregnant and Ellen was trying to guess if it was a boy or a girl. But it turned out she had one of each.

Mariah Carey came by Ellen to talk about her new Las Vegas show at Caesar's and to show a video of a a hilarious prank she pulled on her fans. (s_bukley /Shutterstock.com)

Mariah Carey came by Ellen to talk about her new Las Vegas show at Caesar’s and to show a video of a a hilarious prank she pulled on her fans. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Mariah Carey said the Obamas were the first to know she was having twins and Ellen was there when she told them at an event. Her twins will be turning 4 on April 30.

Ellen: Mariah Carey Asian Tour

Mariah Carey recently went on a tour through Asia with bronchitis. She said it turned out really well anyway and she did some shows in Australia as well. She broke a record with her tour, with five stadium shows in mainland China, which had never been done before. She also said her Australian fans were awesome.

Ellen: Mariah Carey Warming Up

Ellen showed a clip of Mariah Carey warming up while cleaning a vase. She was humming “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” in an extremely high register.


Ellen: Mariah Carey Swimming with Dolphins

In Australia, Mariah Carey swam with dolphins. She said that it was the best experience of her life.

Ellen: Mariah Carey Safari

Mariah Carey went on a safari in Australia while wearing a bright red dress. They showed a clip of her sneaking up on two kangaroos who are boxing. Ellen wondered why Mariah wasn’t wearing pants or a pair of khakis. Mariah said that dress was as casual as she gets.

Ellen: Mariah Carey Las Vegas Residency

Mariah Carey is going to do her first-ever residency in Las Vegas at Caesar’s. She said it was a special event for her and she hoped the fans really enjoy it. At the show, she’ll perform her 18 number one hits, including “We Belong Together“, “Vision of Love“, “Dreamlover“, “Touch My Body“, and “One Sweet Day“.

Ellen: Mariah Carey Surprises Fans

Mariah Carey did a fun prank on her fans. As they explained to a camera crew in a hotel room why they loved the singer, Mariah Carey herself came in dressed as a maid and pretended to be housekeeping. Each of the fans had a hilarious reaction to this. Some of them didn’t even look at her as she moved around behind them. Some saw her right away. Two women saw her as she darted into the bathroom and debated with each other whether she was Mariah Carey or not, until she revealed herself and they both freaked out.

At the end, she announced she was giving all of her fans she pranked tickets to her Vegas show. Then, she revealed all of Ellen’s audience was getting tickets as well.

Ellen: Mariah Carey French Maid Uniform Gift

Mariah Carey gave Ellen a very risque French Maid uniform, in return for Ellen asking her to dress as a maid in the prank video. Ellen seemed really excited about the gift and said she’d wear it to Mariah Carey’s show.


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