Ellen: Maria Menounos Nude Allure Spread & Derek Hough Kiss


Ellen: Maria Menounos & Derek Hough

They’ve been tearing up the dance floor and the gossip columns. Buzzed about competitors Maria Menounos and Derek Hough joined Ellen DeGeneres to talk about this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Maria revealed a weird wardrobe accessory, Kinesiology Tape on her feet, which she said “is holding everything together.”


Ellen: DWTS Maria & Derek

Dancing With The Stars partners Maria Menounos & Derek Hough talked about their TV kiss. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: DWTS Maria & Derek Kiss

Last week on the dance floor, the couple incorporated a passionate kiss into their routine. Maria admitted the kiss was her idea, which they felt was a great way to escalate the performance, beyond Derek simply ripping off his shirt.

The kiss was redemption for a previous performance, according to Maria. “He made out with my chin, and I needed to give him another opportunity,” she said.


Ellen: DWTS Maria Menounos Injuries

Speaking of Maria’s chin, Ellen learned that Maria hit her chin on the floor during rehearsal. She fell really hard and landed right on her face. She said she was crying and needed ice. She was afraid that she’d shattered her chin and would be bleeding everywhere, but so far her chin is OK.

The rest of her hasn’t been so lucky. She broke two ribs during the first week of rehearsal. The impact of dancing in heels has caused stress fractures in both her feet. Doctors have actually told her to stop dancing; I would probably stop dancing at that point, but I’m not on TV.

“She’s doing cryogenics and doing laser treatments and doing bone simulators and all these crazy things,” Derek Hough said. Maybe she needs to go on an episode of The Doctors for more advice. Derek noted that she’s improving, but Ellen pointed out that she’d recover faster if she wasn’t dancing seven days a week.

Ellen: Maria Menounos Nude Allure Magazine Spread

Maria posed naked for the new issue of Allure magazine, and her embarrassed father saw it for the first time on Ellen’s show, on that giant monitor behind the set.

Ellen helpfully ventured into the audience to show the magazine to Maria’s father, who was understandably not very interested in having this literally shoved in his face. But Ellen said at least it’s tasteful, which is probably not very comforting to her father.

Ellen: Maria Menounos & Derek Hough Salsa Dance

To wrap up the show, Derek and Maria performed the salsa on Ellen’s stage. For someone with broken ribs and foot fractures, it doesn’t show at all in her performance, though I’m sure having Derek Hough’s ridiculous body grinding on her constantly is great motivation.

Ellen had a few gifts to help protect Maria in rehearsal, including a helmet with bedazzled padded chin strap, as well as knee pads, which I assume are for dancing, though Maria’s father might be worried about other implications.

You can see more of Maria and Derek’s dance moves Monday and Tuesday nights when Dancing With The Stars airs on ABC.


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