Ellen: Marc Martel Somebody To Love Performance & Queen Cover


Ellen: Marc Martel Queen Extravaganza

Ellen invited Internet sensation Marc Martel on the show. She said that her manager showed her Marc‘s Queen Extravaganza audition video on YouTube, which led to the Marc Martel “Somebody To Love” performance on the show. Ellen said she told her manager, “‘Oh my god–this guy is incredible!'”

“It was so exciting to see the video and how much you sound like Freddie Mercury,” Ellen told Marc.


Marc said he wasn’t even sure whether to submit an audition tape.

Ellen: Marc Martel Somebody To Love

Singer Marc Martel evoked Freddie Mercury and performed a cover of Queen's classic "Somebody To Love" for Ellen.

“I wasn’t even sure if I should because I have a full time band,” he said, referencing his band Downhere, whose album On The Altar of Love is available on Amazon.com. “I wasn’t going to do it but my wife said, ‘Marc, you have to do this.’ So I hit send.”


“I understand that you told your wife you were going to do this show and your wife was very happy,” Ellen said. Marc said that was correct and that he recorded her reaction. Ellen played the video. When Marc told his wife that we had been invited to come onto Ellen‘s show, she went hysterical. She started jumping up and down and screaming for joy.

“That was more reaction than I got when I proposed and we were in a hot air balloon!” Marc said.

Ellen: Marc Martel “Somebody To Love” Performance & Queen Cover

Marc walked over to the piano onstage and sat down to perform Queen‘s “Somebody to Love,” off of their classic 1976 album A Day At The Races.

The performance was really quite astonishing. Marc sounds uncannily similar to the late, great Freddie Mercury. He even had Freddie‘s iconic vibrato as he belted out the lyrics to the classic song.

Marc also had stage presence similar to Freddie‘s. He seemed very comfortable performing and eve grabbed the mic of the stand and ran around through the audience.

Furthermore, he had a sense of humor about himself despite that he was performing on national television. When it got to the part of the song at which Brian May begins his luscious guitar solo, Marc sang, “This is the guitar solo–yeah!”

Ellen seemed mesmerized. “Wow. Wow,” she said. “Beautiful voice.”


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