Ellen: Maggie Elizabeth Jones “Ben and Kate” Interview


Maggie Elizabeth Jones: Tooth Fairy Questionnaire

Ellen: Maggie Elizabeth Jones Ben & Kate

Maggie Elizabeth Jones discussed “Ben and Kate” and performed the “boogie dance” on Ellen.

Maggie Elizabeth Jones is an adorable young actress and star of the new Fox sitcom Ben and Kate. But, above all, she’s just a normal seven-year-old girl. When she sat down with Ellen, Maggie Elizabeth was happy to report that she had recently lost two teeth. Her first grade teacher was the brave person who finally yanked the loose teeth out of Maggie Elizabeth’s mouth.


From the tooth fairy, she received two dollars, but she also received the answers to a questionnaire that Maggie Elizabeth herself had written out. In the questionnaire, Maggie Elizabeth learned that the tooth fairy is twenty-two years old and she’s one foot tall. However, she kept some of her juicier secrets hidden.

Maggie Elizabeth Jones: Twitter and “Boogie Dance”

Maggie Elizabeth recently joined Twitter, and you can follow her @maggielizjones.   But who is the one person that Maggie Elizabeth would love to have follow her? Her favorite singer, Selena Gomez.

Ellen asked Maggie Elizabeth, “what would you do if Selena followed you?” She responded that she would “do the boogie dance.” Just in case you’re not sure what a “boogie dance” is, Maggie Elizabeth was happy to show it off. It involves a lot of wiggling and then a big high-five at the end.


Maggie Elizabeth Jones: “Ben and Kate”

Maggie Elizabeth stars in the new Fox series Ben and Kate. She explained that the show is about a brother and a sister, and she’s excited for people to see it. She is having a lot of fun filming the show, where she plays Maddie, Kate’s daughter. The show also stars Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon as Ben and Kate Fox.

Don’t miss more of the adorable Maggie Elizabeth Jones on Ben and Kate. The show premieres Tuesday, September 25 2012 at 8:30 on Fox.


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