Ellen: Madeleine Stowe Revenge & First Date Dennis Quaid


Ellen: Madeleine Stowe Revenge

Madeleine Stowe has already won a Golden Globe Award for her iconic role in the hit ABC soap Revenge. Ellen DeGeneres and her staff are obsessed with the mystery drama, and they’ve been anxiously awaiting its return after several weeks of hiatus.

The actress joined Ellen to talk about how much fun it is to slap people as a matriarch on the Hamptons soap. Ellen said everything from the tone to the character’s look come together to make her badass.


Ellen: Madeleine Stowe Revenge

Madeleine Stowe has an iconic role as audience favorite Victoria Grayson in the ABC soap Revenge. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Madeleine Stowe said she believes everyone has demons they can draw upon to inform these types of performances, but Ellen said she doesn’t think she has that in her. She wondered if people are afraid of Madeleine in real life because of her withering stares.

Ellen: Madeleine Stowe As Victoria Grayson

“In all honesty, they really are,” she said. “It’s kind of stunning.” She said everyone from coffee shop employees to family friends have been affected by her performance on the show.


Ellen pointed out the show’s soapy elements and wondered when Madeleine first realized the impact and effects her performance was having on audiences.

“I live a really reclusive life. I always have, and I tend to disappear for long periods of time in a completely different world,” she said. “But when my daughter’s godfather took her to the gay parade in West Hollywood on Halloween, and there were all these Victoria Graysons out there, people dressed as me, I knew that the character had arrived.”

Ellen: Madeleine Stowe First Date: Dennis Quaid

Madeleine said her daughter is 16 years old, and she enjoys Flamenco Dancing and Belly Dancing, which Madeleine prefers to letting her daughter date. Madeleine recalled that her first date was at age 18 ½, with actor Dennis Quaid.

“That’s a nice first date,” Ellen said.

Madeleine said it was great for her, but she was a virgin and was afraid to kiss him. Years later when they worked together, he had forgotten about the date, so I guess it wasn’t that memorable for him.

He was relieved when Madeleine confirmed that they didn’t go further than kissing on the first date. She recalls hearing through a friend after the date that he’d realized she was a virgin and didn’t want to take advantage of her.

Ellen DeGeneres First Dates

Ellen DeGeneres went on a first date around age 16, with a guy, while she was living in Atlanta, Texas. She said the date was fine, but she much preferred her first date as a lesbian later in life.

“I liked guys a lot, but then I had a comparison,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh, I choose this.’”

Ellen: Revenge Cliffhanger

Madeleine Stowe confirmed that the resolution to Revenge’s big cliffhanger “is off the hook.”

You can catch the final Revenge episodes of the season, beginning Wednesday April 18 2012 on ABC.


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