Ellen: Ludacris Fast & Furious 6-Pack Ab Review & Halle Berry Fast 7?


Kevin Hart Saves Ludacris or Ludacris Saves Kevin Hart?

The last we heard of Ludacris, one of his best friends, Kevin Hart, was telling Ellen a wild tale of survival. He said that Ludacris was drowning in the ocean and Hart saved him. Now, Ludacris wants to set this whale of a tale straight.

Ellen: Ludacris Fast & Furious 6-Pack Ab Review & Halle Berry Fast 7?

Ludacris flashed his abs for Ellen’s audience and talked about saving Kevin Hart from drowning. He hopes that Halle Berry joins Fast & Furious 7. Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


“Life is all about overcoming your fears,” Ludacris said. He has a fear of being in open water and something brushing up against him, but him not knowing what it is. He faced his fear by jumping into the water off of a boat. Hart was racing around on a wave runner and Ludacris wanted someone to throw him snorkeling gear.

Luda couldn’t get anyone’s attention so he started waving his arms around. Hart thought that Luda was drowning and rushed over. The second part of the story is that Hart rode the wave runner to shore and wanted to swim back to the boat. Ludacris had to rush out and pull him up out of the water.

We’ll find out what happened next when Kevin Hart returns to Ellen.


Ludacris: Fast & Furious 6-Pack Ab Review

Ludacris‘ body in Fast & Furious 6 is not too shabby. You might think, “special effects,” but he’s also an abtastic feature in Us Magazine.

“Once you start hanging out with Vin Diesel and The Rock for five months, you just start growing muscles,” Ludacris said. “You don’t even have to do anything, they just start popping out!”

Ellen sent her pal Jeannie to London for the premiere of the film and she gave Ludacris and the cast personalized Ellen underwear. Ludacris said he hasn’t taken them off since she gifted them to him.

To prove his point, Ludacris had to strip. The ladies went mad. He was indeed wearing the Ellen underwear.

“I’m so happy I asked,” Ellen said. “You’re welcome everybody.”

Ludacris Wants Halle Berry in Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious 6 may have just come out, but Fast & Furious 7 is just around the corner for Ludacris. He has a special request for the casting director. He is vying for Halle Berry to star in the film as his love interest.

“I’m the tech guy, I’m behind the scenes. The least they can do is give me Halle Berry,” Ludacris said.

He flashed his abs one more time to make his point.


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