Ellen: LL Cool J Explains “Accidental Racist” & Simone Johnson Jewelry


Ellen: LL Cool J NCIS: Los Angeles 

The ladies went wild for LL Cool J. This smooth operator has a new album dropping on April 30 and is the star of NCIS: Los Angeles. The show was recently picked up for it’s fifth season and it’s finishing it’s fourth.

Simone Johnson: A Sweet Touch Of Hope Jewelry

He recently hosted the Grammy Awards and met up with Ellen’s special red carpet correspondents. Sophia Grace and Rosie were thrilled to receive special necklaces from LL Cool J. They are lollipops designed by his wife, Simone Johnson, who beat cancer. The proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.


The logo for the lollipops was inspired by the tattoo on Simone’s leg. She had a lollipop tattoo but it was disfigured during a surgery to remove her tumor. He said she used the disfigurement as a positive symbol of a survivor.

LL Cool J’s Interesting Pet Bearded Dragon

Miles Crickett Smith is a bearded dragon that LL Cool J keeps in Los Angeles. He has to watch the lizard because he likes to run away to warm places.

LL Cool J said he likes to get a little Cee Loo Green with his lizard. He’ll pull Miles out of his tank and sit him on a pillow while he watches boxing. He likes to pet Miles while watching the game, which is more than a little awkward.


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LL Cool J: Photobombing App

LL Cool J said that his friends developed a hilarious new app that you can get at his official website. LL has a tendency of popping up in random photos at award shows or on the street. You can now personalize and insert LL Cool J in any photo. Want him in your wedding photo? Bombed. What about your high school graduation? There he is, sneaking behind the valedictorian.

LL Cool J Graces the Cover Of Men’s Fitness Magazine 

Ellen: LL Cool J Explains "Accidental Racist" & Simone Johnson Jewelry

LL Cool J said that his song “Accidental Racist” is really about dropping boundaries and picking up love. Simone Johnson started a cancer jewelry line. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

He’s on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine looking buff and trim.

“Is this moment that you are talking to me the only moment that you aren’t working out?” Ellen asked.

He said he loves working out and becoming the best he can be. LL Cool J said he wants to be the best that he can be all the time.

LL Cool J Explains “Accidental Racist” With Brad Paisley

LL Cool J recently released a single with Brad Paisley called “Accidental Racist.” Ellen talked to Brad about it, but now she wanted LL’s side.

“The day we cured racism?” he asked her.

Paisley is on LL’s new album, Authentic. He knows that the song isn’t perfect, but he wanted to express love. He wants to eliminate judgements and insert love. He thinks the controversy is a good thing. He said it’s ridiculous to say that he would make light of slavery.

LL said that he wants to “land of the side of love” and “get better” in society. The song is about connecting as human beings. We’re divided by our individuality, but we need to put it aside and come together as a community. He said that if people will stop judging his style and personality then he won’t define himself by slavery and the past. He wants to be an American and a person with faith first.

LL Cool J Authentic Album Review

This new album, Authentic, aims to break the mold of pop and rap. He has assembled Paisley, Snoop Lion, Earth Wind and Fire and more amazing artists to make music. It’s true to him and true to the other artists as well. It’s almost an experiment in breaking down musical barriers. Kudos, LL Cool J.  video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


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