Ellen: Lisa Kudrow on The Comeback, Hating Skiing & Show Title Game


Ellen: Lisa Kudrow The Comeback

Lisa Kudrow came by Ellen to talk about her HBO show The ComebackThe original version of the show aired nine years ago and now the show is back on the air. Lisa was very excited to have the show back. Ellen said it was good and painful to watch, because the show is purposefully awkward.

Ellen TV: Lisa Kudrow Skiing

Ellen: Lisa Kudrow on The Comeback, Hating Skiing & Show Title Game

Lisa Kudrow came by Ellen to talk about her show ‘The Comeback’ and her hatred of skiing. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen asked Lisa Kudrow if she was really into decorating for the holidays. She said no. Every year, they’re never home because they go skiing. But Lisa stays indoors. Her husband and her son and whoever they’re with go skiing, but Lisa Kudrow stays indoors and makes excuses for not going.

She said when she does go, she does one run and then has lunch and gets tired. Ellen said she’d never skiied before. “Good for you,” Lisa joked.

Ellen said she wanted to ski, but she grew up in New Orleans and they didn’t have snow there. She also grew up poor. Lisa said that’s great because she never got injured from skiing. Ellen said she still got injuries, just not from skiing.


Ellen: Lisa Kudrow Show Titles Games

Ellen does a game called Country Song or Country Wrong, where people guess whether the songs really exist. This time, Ellen decided to show TV show titles. Ellen and Lisa had to guess whether the shows are real or not.

The first show was called Assaulted Nuts. Lisa said no, but Ellen said yes. It turned out to be a sketch comedy show from 1985. Emma Thompson was on that show.

The next show was called Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel. Lisa said she thought this must be a British show, but Ellen said it didn’t exist. It turned out to be a show on PBS and has been on the air for 30 years.

Next. there was Bustin’ Out All Over, which turned out not to be a show. Then there was That’s My Bush, which was a 2001 show. Another show was Testees. Ellen and Lisa said no, but it was a 2008 comedy. Finally, there was Barnyard Lovers. Lisa said she thought it was a kids show and Ellen said she would watch it. But it turned out not to be real.

The Comeback airs Sundays on HBO.


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