Ellen: This Is Where I Leave You, Dax Shepard + Brad Pitt Obsession


Ellen TV: Dax Shepard

Ellen DeGeneres joked that you may know her next guest as one of the stars of Parenthood or even as Brad Pitt’s biggest fan. She welcomed out Dax Shepard, one of the stars in the new movie This Is Where I Leave You.

Ellen congratulated Dax and his wife Kristen Bell on expecting their second child. He said they’re building a circus and Ellen said he’s trying to be like Brad and Angelina. “From your lips to God’s ears,” Dax said.


Ellen: Dax Shepard Bell Tattoo & New Baby

Ellen: This Is Where I Leave You, Dax Shepard + Brad Pitt Obsession

Dax Shepard sat down with Ellen to talk about his new movie, his continued obsession with Brad Pitt, and the new baby he’s expecting with wife Kristen Bell. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Dax said his daughter is now a year and a half years old and Ellen pointed out that he had a bell tattoo on his ring finger. He explained that he doesn’t like wearing jewelry, but he felt obliged to warn all the men that he’s taken. So he thought a tattoo would be convenient, and it just so happened that his wife’s last name is an object that he could tattoo on his finger. There’s also a K, L, and D inside the bell for Kristen, Lincoln, and “Dellen Egeneres.”

Ellen asked if he knew what the new baby was going to be yet, and he said it’s going to be a surprise, “to America.” He joked that the new baby was going to be named “Dellen Egeneres” after Ellen. He said he thought it was catchy and he hoped that the baby would be able to transition right into taking over the show.


Ellen TV: Dax Shepard Loves Brad Pitt

Ellen moved on to mention that Brad and Angelina got married, and she asked if Dax had kept in touch with Brad. He said they’re not taking as many of his calls as he would like. He said he was shocked that he wasn’t invited to the wedding and said his first thought was “he is really off the market now” but then his second thought was “I’m off the market as well.”

He said they’re both married and they both have a lot to lose. He joked that if he had to step outside the confines of his marital bonds, Brad Pitt would be the best guy to do it with because he has a lot to lose. Ellen said, “let’s be clear, you’re not gay” and Dax said, “I am not, with the exception of him.”

He joked that Brad Pitt is an “angel” and a “terrestrial mortal that has fallen from the stars.” Dax then mentioned the painting that Ellen got him the last time he was on the show, that was of him and Brad Pitt in cowboy hats. Dax said unfortunately the painting has moved from the bedroom to the garage. But the garage is his sacred area, and it’s now with the periodic table of elements and the solar system. “The theme is the most important stuff in the universe,” Dax said.

Ellen: Dax Shepard This Is Where I Leave You Review

Ellen explained that Dax Shepard is in the new movie This Is Where I Leave You and doesn’t play a very nice guy.

She said there’s a love scene in the movie where it looks like Dax Shepard is completely naked. “It’s gratuitous and it’s graphic,” Dax said about the scene.

He said he had to be bare naked in it and his first thought was that he had to work on his buns. He said as a tall guy, “there’s a liability for them to be flapjacks.” He said he did a lot of lunges and squats and even did a spray tan.

He said the most humiliating part was that he had to ask his wife to do some “grooming” back there. He said his wife took an electric razor to his bum and as she was shaving him, started singing “Funkytown.” He said every time he hears that song now, he gets PTSD.

He said on the day when they shot the scene, he thought they would put the girl on top, but instead they put him on top. He said when it all ended, he ordered a large pizza to be delivered to the bedroom since he had not eaten in three weeks. He said he sat in the bed and gorged himself with the pizza. Ellen then showed a picture of him standing naked in the bedroom eating pizza.

Ellen TV: Famous Families Heads Up Game With Dax Shepard

Ellen explained that since the movie is about family, she thought that she and Dax would play a round of Heads Up about famous families.

Dax helped Ellen correctly guess The Jetsons, The Osmonds, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch, The Jolie-Pitts, The Ricardos, The Flintstones, The Waltons, and the Addams family.

Ellen then surprised Dax with a mobile for the new baby with pictures of him and Brad. But that’s not all! Push a button and the mobile starts to play “Funkytown.” How hilarious!


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