Ellen: Laurie Holden Walking Dead, Acting Vs Economics & Chris Mann


Ellen: Laurie Holden Walking Dead

AMC’s Walking Dead is probably the most talked about show on television. One of the stars, Laurie Holden, stopped by Ellen and the applause was so loud it completely drowned out Bruno Mars‘ “Locked Out of Heaven.

The show take place at the end of the world. After a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors have to find a way to make it through. Holden said the show is about morality and the human condition.


Ellen: Killing Zombies

Ellen: Laurie Holden Chose Acting Over Economics & Chris Mann Covers

Laurie Holden said her family was excited when she chose acting over economics. (s_buckley / Shutterstock.com)

Holden said for her role they put on bug spray and throw mud and blood on them daily. Then the stars walk into the woods and hope to avoid ticks. Holden plays Andrea and she finds working on the show liberating.

While she loves killing zombies, it’s hard when the extras are so nice. They often walk up and tell her how much they love the show and then she has to go smash their brains out ten minutes later.


Ellen: Laurie Holden Acting Family

Holden grew up in Canada and comes from a long line of actors, directors and producers. She wanted to rebel because she was declared an actress at birth. She went to college for economics, but eventually returned to acting. Her family was thrilled.

Ellen: African Safari

Ellen’s bucket list doesn’t have a lot of things on it, but going to Africa is still on their. Holden went by herself on an African safari in Botswana. She got up close and personal with elephants, baby leopards and giraffes. She said it was terrifying.

One day as the went out the saw and mother elephant and on the other side of the van was the baby. They had to high tail it out of there because mother elephants are very protective. She was with experienced guides, but it was still a very close call.

Ellen: Chris Mann “Need You Now”

Chris Mann was on the second season of The Voice as a member of Team Christina. His debut CD is out now and he performed a cover of Lady Antebellum‘s “Need You Now.”

When sung in the country style, this song usually sounds like a drunk text in the middle of the night. Mann gave it a new life. He came out brooding, like a soap opera star that suddenly decided to break into song. He made the song sound like a beautifully sad Broadway show.

All I need now is to see Chris Mann and Seth MacFarlane do a duet. It would be a magical sight.


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