Ellen: Lauren Graham “Someday, Someday, Maybe” + Parenthood Finale


Ellen TV: Lauren Graham Health Camp With Sister

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Lauren Graham, who you can watch in the final season of her show Parenthood.

Lauren shared that she recently took her sister on a vacation. She said her sister wanted to go to a beach somewhere and lie around drinking margaritas, so Lauren took her to health camp. She explained that she likes to do crazy trips, and this one was sort of a hiking trip with no gluten, dairy, “or food.”


Ellen: Lauren Graham "Someday, Someday, Maybe" + Parenthood Finale

Ellen sat down with the star of Parenthood, Lauren Graham, to talk about the trip she went on with her sister and the final season of her show. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Lauren said she thought it would be a fun bonding experience. She said her sister has a very busy job, so she thought the camp would be good for her. She said she looked over at one point and saw that her sister had smuggled her phone in her sports bra. She said her sister just couldn’t take getting away from technology.

Ellen: Lauren Graham Hiking Trip

Lauren said it was in California and only lasted four days but it “felt like a month.”


She also shared that at one point they handed her sister toilet paper and she thought it was because they didn’t have toilet paper in the bathrooms. “And they were like ‘no, they don’t have bathrooms,'” Lauren said.

Ellen asked what kind of place doesn’t have bathrooms and Lauren answered simply, “the woods.”

Lauren showed a picture of her leg after the hiking trip that showed the line of dirt on her ankle. As Lauren said, it looks like she’s wearing a stocking, but she’s not. Her leg was just entirely covered in dirt.

Ellen TV: Lauren Graham Dad Spinning Instructor

Ellen then wanted to talk about Lauren’s dad, who just recently retired from being president of a candy company. Lauren said her dad is now doing mall appearances and was even certified as a spinning instructor. Keep in mind that he is 72 years old. Ellen wanted to know how he was able to become a spinning instructor, and Lauren revealed that it was a one-day course. Lauren shared that she actually takes spin classes.

Ellen: Lauren Graham “Someday, Someday, Maybe” Speech

Lauren also recently spoke at her alma mater, Barnard College. She said they chose her book, Someday, Someday Maybe to be in the alumna book club and she spoke to the incoming freshman. She said that one of the traditions if your book is chosen to be in the alumna book club is they make your senior picture into a button. Lauren Graham gave Ellen a button. Lauren explained that they make one for each author so you can trade them with other authors.

Ellen TV: Lauren Graham Parenthood

Lauren Graham shared that they’re going into their sixth and final season of Parenthood and will reach a little over 100 episodes. She said they’re already halfway through the season of just 13 episodes. She explained that it’s different than it was with Gilmore Girls because with Parenthood, she knew ahead of time that it was over.

Ellen said Lauren is going to be a “free woman” and she wanted to snatch her up and do something with her.

Ellen: Lauren Graham Drill Team

Ellen then said she just found out about another talent of Lauren Graham’s. Lauren explained that she sort of forgot that for one year in high school, she was on the drill team. She said you have to try out for it, and not everyone can do it. She explained that it’s not like cheerleading, because you have to dance and “do moves.”

Ellen handed her a pair of gloves to put on and Lauren explained that one of the things she had to do was called contagions, where they would sort of do the wave with their colored gloves. She said there were 20 or so of them on the team. She said they would come out at half time and do things with pom-poms. Ellen then handed her pom-poms.

Lauren and Ellen tried to show what Lauren used to do, but Lauren said, “a drill team of two is sort of sad.”


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