Ellen: L.A. Reid “The X Factor” Interview


L.A. Reid: The Deals R&B Band

L.A. Reid is known for his work as a record producer and for the discovery of incredible artists such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Plus, he’s on our television screens each week as a judge on The X Factor. But did you know that L.A. is a musician himself? Ellen (who loves the way L.A. dresses and rocks his unique style) talked to L.A. about his humble beginnings as a part of a male singing group called The Deals.

Ellen: L.A. Reid "The X Factor" Interview

L.A. Reid discussed passing on one of the world’s biggest music stars on Ellen. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


The Deals also featured Babyface, who would go on to have his own successful singing career. Ellen flashed a picture of the group, and suddenly, we were transported back to the 1980s! “Don’t forget, this was during the ‘Prince’ era,” L.A. explained. “I was a poor imitation of Prince.”

L.A. Reid: Working With Britney Spears

L.A. called working with Britney Spears on The X Factor this season a wonderful experience. But what about Simon Cowell? “We get along… most of the time,” L.A. admitted. There is so much great talent this season, it’s hard to judge just who might win. However, Ellen and L.A. both have their eyes on a little girl who has the soulful voice of someone far beyond her years. She’s definitely one to watch!

L.A. Reid: Passing on Lady Gaga

L.A. has discovered some of the greatest acts in music today. But who is the one mega-superstar that he actually turned down? If you can believe it, it’s Lady Gaga!


Lady Gaga first impressed L.A. with her voice and piano playing when she auditioned for him at his label. However, a few weeks later when L.A. was sifting through some demo tapes, L.A. came across hers and didn’t like it. He had forgotten how great she was, and rejected her on the spot. “It’s the biggest mistake of my life,” L.A. admitted. But, he did say that Lady Gaga doesn’t seem to be doing too badly on her own!

Don’t miss L.A. and all of the judges on the new season of The X Factor on Fox.


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