Ellen: L.A. Laker Dwight Howard Interview


Dwight Howard: “Finding Nemo” Fan

A sharply dressed, super enthusiastic Dwight Howard joined Ellen, and the NBA star professed his love for her right away. “I’ve been loving you since 2004!” he said, and declared Finding Nemo as his favorite movie. He even quoted Dory’s famous “just keep swimming” monologue.

Ellen: L.A. Laker Dwight Howard Interview

New L.A. Laker Dwight Howard exchanged gifts with Ellen on his first appearance on the show. (Ira Bostic / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen is a big fan of Dwight’s also, especially his ever-present smile. Even when he’s playing a tough game, he’s smiling through every minute of it!

Dwight Howard: New L.A. Laker

Dwight was previously a member of the Orlando Magic, but was just recently traded to the L.A. Lakers. He’s now thrilled to be a part of the champion team. Ellen asked Dwight if he ever thinks about being traded when he’s playing against other teams; like wondering, ‘will I be on their team one day?’ Dwight said that he doesn’t think about those things when he plays; he just tries to have fun.

Dwight Howard: Kobe Bryant Impression

Dwight was recently in Atlanta and a woman came right up to him and said, “Dwight, you need to be an L.A. Laker!” Dwight said that he was confused, but now, the woman’s prediction has come true.


As a Laker, Dwight will be a teammate of Kobe Bryant. Dwight recently spoke to Kobe on the phone, and did his expert Kobe impression for Ellen. Apparently, Mr. Bryant is a man of few words.

Dwight Howard D12 Foundation & Ellen’s The Gentle Barn

Dwight was kind enough to bring an incredible gift for his favorite celebrity, Ellen; a check for $10,000 from his foundation, the D12 Foundation, to hers, The Gentle Barn. Ellen was really touched by Dwight’s generous gift, and she had one for him in return.

Dwight may be a (very tall) grown man, but he’s no afraid to admit that he loves Legos. Ellen found out about Dwight’s Lego obsession and had the people at Legos create something truly incredible for Dwight: a Lego bust of Dwight wearing an Ellen jersey!


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