Ellen: Kym Douglass Beauty Tips & Home Depot Makeover Advice


Kym Douglass: Beauty Tips

Kym Douglass is a renowned beauty expert. She visited Ellen to share some of her newest beauty tips. Most of them were ridiculous. Kym came off as a bit of a nut job who was unreasonably obsessed with artificially preserving a very narrow and superficial idea of what beauty is.

Kym Douglass Home Depot Makeover Advice

Ellen: Kym Douglass Beauty

Kym Douglass shared her crazy beauty tips with Ellen and several poor Home Depot customers. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Kym made a video in which she went to Home Depot to show off some of her beauty tips. It seems fair to assume that Home Depot must be a sponsor of Ellen’s. Otherwise, the logic behind the segment is somewhat confusing.

Kym Douglass Blackheads Glue Remedy

Kym ran around the store giving bizarre beauty advice to customers.

Kym stopped one man and told him that he had really bad blackheads on his nose. To remedy the problem, she put glue over his nose and let it dry. Later, she peeled it off and the glue had removed a significant portion of grease from his nose.


Maxi Pad Shoe Odor Trick

Next Kym stopped a man and put a maxi pad in his shoe. She said the pad would absorb odor and add cushioning to his shoe.

Later she sat a very bald man down in a chair and started lathering his head with coconut oil.

“Did you know that using a little bit of coconut oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles?” she asked the man.

Hate to break it to her, but that guy’s hair was long gone and a little bit of coconut oil wasn’t going to change that.

Kym Douglas Home Depot Beauty Advice

Kym’s whole shtick was really annoying. It seemed at first like she was aware of how ridiculous she was, but as the show progressed, it became clear that she really believe all of the crap she was saying.

To one customer, she asked, “Do you know the price of beauty?”

The customer responded, “A lot?”

Kym confirmed the answer and said, “I could write a book.”

Why do people obsess over this phony materialistic idea of beauty? People are just people. The more we feel like we have to aspire to be beautiful, the less we’ll love and accept ourselves or each other for who we really are. People like Kym are toxic to society.

Ellen: Kym Douglass Wrinkle Cream

After Kym’s Home Depot video was finished, the unironically shallow rhetoric became even worse.

The first tip was pretty reasonable. She suggested squeezing out the juice of a kiwi and mixing it with some orange juice, olive oil, and soy yogurt. She said this paste smelled nice and reduced wrinkles on your face.

Kym Douglas Chest Wrinkle Plate

Then she transitioned from face wrinkles to chest wrinkles. She said any women or men who want to avoid chest wrinkles should buy this ridiculous looking chest plate that keeps bosoms from creasing while the wearer is sleeping.

Seriously? Who wants to wear some uncomfortable garment to sleep just so that they don’t have wrinkles on their chest? This is too much. This is too far. Yet, for some reason, she took it even further.

Kym Douglas Beauty Helmet

The next product Kym showed Ellen was a bizarre contraption that was supposed to exercise your facial muscles to reduce signs of aging. It looked like a wrestling helmet. She demonstrated how to use it by rotating her head around in circles and opening her mouth.

Again, is this society really so superficial? Do she or anyone else really expect people to be that dumb? Do they really think anyone will buy that crap?

Ellen: Kym Douglas Ab Machine

The cherry on top of this idiotic sundae of beauty tips was a machine that jiggles the abdominal muscles in order to tone them and give the wearer more defined abs.

She showed off the device and also demonstrated how it could be worn around the gluteal muscles to tone and define the wearer’s buttocks as well.

Not to be redundant, but again, what the hell? Does anyone buy into this? If you want better muscle definition, go work out! Don’t waste money on useless products like this. It’s a scam and the people who peddle these products are either ignorant or greedy.


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