Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Dance Dares, World Tour & National Anthem


Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Dance Dares

Have you seen Ellen’s Dance Dares on the show? The idea of a Dance Dare is that you get video of yourself secretly dancing behind an unsuspecting stranger.

Ellen surprised Kristin Chenoweth by revealing that the show staff pranked Kristin in a series of Dance Dares backstage before the show. She shared a clip of some of their shenanigans.


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Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Dance Dares

Ellen's staff did Dance Dares behind an unsuspecting Kristin Chenoweth. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Secret Dance Reactions

It started with security camera footage as Kristin arrived at the studio, and continued in the actress’s dressing room as she caught up with Ellen. Unlike some of the viewers who send in their dances, Ellen’s staff is great at not getting caught.


While Ellen kept Kristin preoccupied, her staffers busted some serious moves behind the singer and actress. I’m also amazed that Ellen can keep a straight face while all this is going on, because she has a tendency to crack up easily.

I know I don’t have that level of self control, which is why I would be a bad Dance Dare accomplice. I also can’t dance, so I wouldn’t be able to star in a Dance Dare video either.

As she saw the video for the first time, Kristin was shocked, and maybe even a little mortified, that this had been going on all day. “They were gyrating,” she said, laughing hysterically.

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Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Tour

Kristin Chenoweth is going on a 19-city tour this summer to show off her array of talents.

“It’s everything that I do,” she explained. “It’s opera, music theatre, country music” and more. It sounds like a great time.

Kristin is kicking off her world tour May 9 2012 in Seattle, Washington. Tickets are available at kristin-chenoweth.com.

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth National Anthem

Ellen noted that Kristin recently did a superb job singing the National Anthem in San Francisco. Despite a thunderstorm before her performance, and some confusing audience reactions, Ellen said Kristin was good.

You can watch Kristin’s National Anthem Performance on YouTube.

That is a difficult song to perform, so it’s always nice to hear someone with a great voice take a stab at it. Why do we make everyone sing such an impossible song at our events and ceremonies?


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