Ellen: Kirsten Dunst ‘Melancholia’ Review & Lars Von Trier’s Hitler Comments


Ellen: Kirsten Dunst Melancholia Preview

Ellen shared a video clip from Kirsten Dunst’s new film, Melancholia .

Ellen Kirsten Dunst Melancholia Lars Von Trier

Kirsten Dunst said that Lars Von Trier's recent comments about Hitler were a misunderstanding (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

The clip featured Kirsten’s character, Justine, talking to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character, Claire. The mood was very somber and dark.


“The earth is evil,” Justine said to Claire. “We don’t need to grieve for it. Nobody will miss it.”

Ellen: Kirsten Dunst Melancholia Review

Ellen commended Kirsten for her “stunning” performance in the film. To try to give her audience an idea what the film was about, Ellen asked Kirsten to explain its premise.

“It’s not something you can sum up that quickly,” Kirsten said. “It’s kind of a dark comedy almost in the beginning. My character is going through depression but at the same time a planet is coming towards Earth.”


If you haven’t seen the film, check out the trailer here: Melancholia trailer

It’s dense and might leave you even more confused than before as to what the film is actually about, but it might give you a feel for it.

Ellen: Kirsten Dunst Explains Lars Von Trier’s Hitler Comment

Ellen asked Kirsten about the controversy surrounding Lars Von Trier’s comments about Hitler at a recent press conference for Melancholia.

“It was watching a friend just put his foot in his mouth,” Kirsten said.

If you haven’t seen the video from the conference, you can watch it here: Lars Von Trier At Melancholia Press Conference.

Kirsten said the whole ordeal was a big misunderstanding.

“He tried to make a joke because the journalist asked him an inappropriate question about his mother and what happened when she died,” she said.

Basically, Lars was trying to explain his bizarre background. He grew up thinking he had Jewish heritage but then found out that he his heritage was not Jewish. Quite the contrary, he found out that he had heritage in the Nazi regime. He tried to tell the story with humor, but it all came out horribly wrong, most especially when he said, “I understand Hitler.”


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