Ellen: Kevin Nealon at Tropicana Casino & Michael Bolton Hitsville USA


Kevin Nealon’s Spring Cleaning & Gifts for Ellen’s Audience

Ellen: Kevin Nealon at Tropicana Casino & Michael Bolton Hitsville USA

Kevin Nealon is learning to draw, so he practiced on one of Ellen’s guests. That same guest won an iPad and a trip to Jamaica for playing along. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Kevin Nealon came out dragging a large canvas bag. He said that it’s a part of his spring cleaning and he wanted to give some stuff away to his audience. He wanted to give his trash, including a hook up to a washer-dryer and an old soccer ball, to the audience. He was able to give away pretty much everything in the bag. He held on to his VHS set of Civil War documentaries.


What Annoys Kevin Nealon?

While having a cluttered home annoys Nealon, being called “boss” is worse. He gets very paranoid and feels like he has a lot of responsiblity and he isn’t handling it well.

Another thing is Italian guys who don’t touch you, but hover their hands over you. I’ve never seen anyone do this, but apparently they do it to annoy Kevin Nealon.

Kevin Nealon Stand Up: Tropicana & Foxwoods Casino Shows

If you want to see Kevin Nealon live, he has two shows coming up: May 24 at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey and May 25 at the MGM Theater at the Foxwoods Casino in Las Vegas.


Ellen highly recommends Nealon’s stand up comedy.

Kevin Nealon Learns to Draw

Kevin Nealon has been taking art classes and he tested out his skills with caricatures. Stacy, an overly energetic audience member got to be his subject, but more so victim.

Stacy ended up with black ink on her face, but she got an iPad from Ellen for being a good sport. Nealon also parted with his VHS documentary set.

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Michael Bolton & Delta Goodrem: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Michael Bolton’s latest CD is a collection of tributes to the biggest songs ever written. He and his singing partner Delta Goodrem performed “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

While they both have fantastic voices, they didn’t really match. Delta was loud and clear, while Bolton has a soulful and raspy voice.

Ellen “Jamaican Me Stay or Jamaican Me Go”

Ellen wanted to give her already messy audience member Stacy a chance to win a trip to Jamaica. She had to answer questions about the show she just saw in order to win the trip. If she got the question wrong, Ellen threw stuff all over her. Stacy didn’t care that she got half the questions right and all of the flour thrown on her.

Stacy won a trip to Couples Tower Island in Jamaica and enough flour in the face to bake a cake for everyone on the airplane.  

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