Ellen: Kerry Washington Dishes Scandal’s Mole & Season Finale Surprise


Scandal Secrets From Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington strutted out in the cutest summer dress. It was covered in watercolor prints and looked effortless.

“I try to clean up for you, Ellen,” she said.


She was there to talk about Peeples, Washington’s new film, but Ellen had to know about Scandal. It’s reaching the end of the season and Ellen needs finale secrets. If you are a Scandal  fan and don’t want spoilers, don’t read on!

Scandal Season Finale Spoilers: Who Is the Mole?

Kerry Washington said that you will find out who the mole is and who they are working for in the upcoming season finale of Scandal.

“It will shock you to pieces,” she assures.


There is another cliffhanger of the season that is just “crazy.” They don’t get the scripts until the day of the table reads. She said the cast yells, screams and throws things across the room during these cold readings. Washington said that the very last line of the season was almost impossible to say. Any guesses, Scandal fans?

Ellen is a huge Scandal fan. She and Portia de Rossi took the first season on their trip to Australia and couldn’t get away from the television. She said that the first season of the show was critically acclaimed, but the viewership just wasn’t there. That seems crazy now. Scandal is one of the most-watched shows on television and buzzed about all over Twitter.

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Gladiator Fans Surprise Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington said the first season only had six episodes and they didn’t hold back. The goal was to shock and gain a huge following, called Gladiators. Diane von Furstenburg recently came up to Washington at the Met Gala and told her she was addicted to the show. Another time, she was at the airport and a woman walked up to her.

Ellen: Kerry Washington Dishes Scandal's Mole & Season Finale Surprise

Kerry Washington told Ellen that the season finale of Scandal will have a big cliffhanger and fans, or Gladiators, will find out who the mole really is. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“I am not going to let you on this plane until you promise me you are not going to cheat on the President,” the woman told Kerry Washington.

Washington said that the love affairs and complication are what make the show so amazing. She likes that it pushes the boundaries about what is love and what marriage means.

Kerry Washington Bares It All On Elle Cover

Kerry Washington is really the hottest woman in Hollywood right now. She had a huge role in Django Unchained and is baring it all on the cover of Elle. She said she is a fan of the magazine and it was such a fun shoot.

Peeples: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington calls Peeples a romantic comedy. She plays Grace, the doted daughter of the Peeples clan. Grace falls in love with a man that isn’t up to her family’s standards, played by Craig Robinson, and has to find a way to tell her family about him. The boyfriend shows up at the Peeples’ family reunion and chaos and comedy ensue.

The film was financed and produced by Tyler Perry, but written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism. Kerry Washington said that Tyler Perry has gotten so successful now, he is helping others produce their dream projects.

Dance Charades With Kerry Washington

Ellen loves to play games and make her guests do crazy stunts. Therefore, Ellen made Kerry Washington play dance charades. In heels, mind you, Kerry Washington danced Gangnam Style, Tango, Single Ladies, Irish Jigs and more.

Peeples is now in theaters and Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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