Ellen: Kelly Clarkson Not Engaged & Performs Song “Catch My Breath”


Ellen: Kelly Clarkson Engaged?

Ellen invited Kelly Clarkson on the show and immediately congratulated her on getting engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. But Clarkson said she is not engaged yet. She said it will happen one day, that the couple loves each other and she is sure they will get married, but as of right now she said they are not engaged.

Ellen: Kelly Clarkson Not Engaged & Performs Song "Catch My Breath"

Ellen talked with Kelly Clarkson who revealed she is not engaged. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Clarkson said they have only been dating nine months and she wants his two children to get used to her. She said she can wait it out for a while.

Ellen: Kelly Clarkson Wedding Plans

As for planning the probably-going-to-happen wedding, Clarkson said she would rather elope. She said she is not the type of person to plan a wedding. She has been to far to many weddings and she doesn’t want to get dressed up again so people can take pictures. That happens to her all the time.

Plus she has seen how some of her girlfriends get when they are planning a wedding and she does not want to act like them. Ellen told her to keep the wedding small and everything would be fine.


Ellen: What is Kelly Clarkson Thankful For?

Ellen said Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. She doesn’t care about the food or anything like that. She is just thankful for her family. When Ellen asked Clarkson what she was thankful for she said people might think she is kidding with her answer, but she is not. Clarkson said she is just thankful to have something special to spend the holiday with. She even teared up a little when she starting talking about it.

Ellen Gives Back More

Ellen said she had such a great day with all these people who she has helped and after seeing Reneisha give back so much more than she needed, Ellen decided  to pass it along. She gave everyone in the audience tickets to one day of her 12 Days of Giveaways.

Ellen: Kelly Clarkson Performs Catch My Breathe

Ellen watched as Kelly Clarkson performed “Catch My Breath” from her new album Greatest Hits: Chapter One.

Check out the video of her performance below.


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