Ellen: Kellie Pickler’s Mirrorball Trophy & Laughing Yoga With Derek


Ellen: Kellie Pickler Dancing With The Stars

Ellen: Kellie Pickler's Mirrorball Trophy & Laughing Yoga With Derek

Kellie Pickler said her husband isn’t jealous of her chemistry with Derek Hough. He knows he always gets the last dance. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

The adorable Kellie Pickler came to dance. She walked out in a black tank and stretchy pants ready to go. She said her partner on Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough is a drill sergeant. He has them practicing five to six hours a day. She said that all the hard work is a lot of fun.


Kellie said she is under a little bit of pressure. She said that everyone expects a lot from her and she wants to please her fans.

Kellie said her grandfather is her biggest fan and his favorite show is Dancing With The Stars. He said if she didn’t do DWTS she wouldn’t be his favorite granddaughter anymore. The funny thing is that she is the only granddaughter.

Ellen: Kellie Pickler Multitasking

Kellie is thankful that she’s very busy. She’s currently working on a new album, DWTS and a small tour. Whoa, girl. Slow down!


“Everyday is like Thanksgiving. I have so much food on my plate,” she laughed.

Ellen: Is Kellie Pickler’s Husband Jealous?

Kellie said her husband knows he’ll always get the last dance. He isn’t jealous of the chemistry between her and her partner Derek.

She said that next week her husband will be performing while she dances. He wrote a special song for their wedding that she wants him to sing. She and Derek will dance the rhumba.

Ellen: Derek Hough

Kellie said she loves dancing with Derek Hough. They have a secret handshake to get ready for their performance.

“Potato, french fries, put them in the frier. Bing bong bing bong!”

Ellen: Laughing Yoga With Kellie Pickler

The rehearsals for DWTS can get a little intense. Kellie and Derek like to do laughing yoga to release the tension. They breathe in, do a squat lunge and let out their breath in a big laugh. Laughing yoga is supposed to be good for stress and exercise. Derek said that if you do laughing yoga you’ll never be sad.

Ellen: Footloose Dance

Kellie and Derek performed their “Footloose” dance for Ellen. All I have to say is: Elvis hips. The ladies were screaming and I have a feeling it was for Derek’s gyrating hips.

Ellen gave Kellie and Derek their own mirror ball trophy. Kellie said her grandfather would put it on his nightstand. How cute!


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