Ellen: Kellie Pickler Detox Spa Treatment & Kyle Jacobs’ Mom


Ellen: Kellie Pickler Kyle Jacobs’ Mother

Ellen was curious about Kellie Pickler‘s recent marriage to fellow country singer, Kyle Jacobs, and didn’t hold back the tough questions.

“How do you get along with your mother-in-law?” she asked.


Kellie said she gets along fine with her mother in law but finds her accent amusing.

Kellie Pickler: Ellen

Kellie Pickler got a detox spa from Ellen and talked about Kyle Jacobs' mother. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Kyle‘s from Minesoooooooota,” she said in an attempt to imitate her mother-in-law’s accent.


“Do you hear your accent while you’re making fun of Minnesota?” Ellen asked.

Kellie said she doesn’t feel like she has an accent. Moreover, she said she doesn’t listen to anything that she says.

“I don’t hear anything I’m saying right now,” Kellie said.

“I believe that,” Ellen said.

This was one of those awkward moments on The Ellen Degeneres Show where it was hard to tell how much of what was happening was in jest and how much of it was serious. As much as it’s probably safe to assume that it was in jest, there seemed to be an underlying sincerity, as though Ellen didn’t really like Kellie. Of course, that’s just speculation.

Ellen: Kellie Pickler Detox Spa Treatment

“You’re working hard,” Ellen said to her guest Kellie Pickler. “You’re on the road all the time, so I’m going to treat you to a spa experience.”

Adding to the strange dynamic between Ellen and Kellie, Ellen said that Kellie could just sit back and relax during the spa “instead of talking,” which Ellen said Kellie “seemed to be stressed out about.”

Ellen had two professionals from a detox spa there to administer the spa treatment. First they put cucumbers over her eyes. Ellen said this was “to help with the puffiness.” The assistant said that it takes about 15 minutes for the mask to dry.

“We don’t have that kind of time,” Ellen said and grabbed a blow dryer. After blow drying her face uncomfortably close to Kellie‘s face, Ellen put graham crackers and marshmallows all over her face. It was bizarre.

Then the second spa assistant put her hands on either side of Kellie‘s head without touching it. Somehow, this was considered a massage.

“This is really good for the crown shockra and it also cures neck tension,” the assistant said.

Ellen kept asking Kellie if she could feel the “massage.” Then Ellen put a fake spider on Kellie. When Kellie looked down at the fake spider, she freaked out.

There seemed to be a strange tension throughout this whole gag. It was really hard to tell how much of it Kellie was actually OK with. Nevertheless, she was a good sport about it.


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