Ellen: Kellie Pickler Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum


Ellen: Country Music Awards

Ellen sent her assistant Jeannie to the red carpet at the Country Music Awards and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, where she ran into Kellie Pickler!

Earlier in the show, Armie Hammer reported live from the Country Music Awards. He stared at Reba McEntire’s boobs and talked to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw about Tim’s stolen underwear!


Ellen: Jeannie With Kellie Pickler

Ellen: Kellie Pickler Country Music Hall of Fame

Kellie Pickler reported live to Ellen from the red carpet of the Country Music Awards. (Jeff Thrower / Shutterstock.com)

Jeannie met up with Ellen’s friend, country music singer Kellie Pickler, on the red carpet for the Country Music Awards.

“You look beautiful, Kellie!” Ellen said. “You’re gonna give some tickets away so people can get in.”


“I thought those were my tickets,” Kellie said.

“Give your tickets away,” Ellen said.

“OK,” Kellie said and looked into the camera. “I’m a giver.”

As usual, it was really hard to tell whether they were joking or not. As much as the title of Ellen’s book is Seriously…I’m Kidding, her interactions with Kellie are hard to decipher. She seems to jab at Kellie’s vapidity and Kellie seems slightly indignant of it. Perhaps they really are kidding though…

Kellie walked over to the side of the red carpet where a throng of adoring fans, mostly young women, stood screaming.

Kellie picked a woman out of the crowd and gave her the tickets. The woman started screaming hysterically out of joy.

As Ellen tried to talk to Kellie, Kellie said, “I can’t hear you over the screaming. They’re so excited!”

Then Kellie let out an enthusiastic fake scream.

Ellen: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Ellen sent Jeannie on a tour throughout Nashville to check out some of its many attractions.

The first place Jeannie went was the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Once there, Jeannie visited some amazing sights such as Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac. Why anyone would ever want a solid gold Cadillac? Who knows? Why people gawk over it when it could be melted down and put to use feeding starving children? Again, it’s a mystery.

Next, Jeannie visited the famous Sun recording studio. Countless classic country hits were recorded in that room.

Jeannie walked up to the antique microphone in the middle of the room and said, “Elvis Presley sang into this mic!”

Then Jeannie started to track a song with the studio engineer. She sang pretty well to the music to Tom Cochrane’s song “Life Is A Highway,” from his album Mad Mad World.


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