Ellen Keira Knightley on Her Allure Cover Shoot & Planning Her Wedding


Ellen: Keira Knightley

Ellen invited Keira Knightley on stage. And as she came on she went to give Ellen a kiss on the cheek and both seemed confused as to what was happening. Knightley explained, after they sat down, she knows they only do one kiss in America and they do two in the UK. So she made sure she gave Ellen one kiss on the cheek but she still got confused.

Apparently they do three kisses in France and Knightley said then you get scared they might “snog” you, which means French kiss according to Knightley.


Ellen: Keira Knightley Allure Cover

Ellen Keira Knightley on Her Allure Cover Shoot & Planning Her Wedding

Ellen invites Keira Knightley on the show to talk about her Allure cover shoot, planning her wedding & Ellen is going to be the wedding planner. (Simon James / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen showed everyone the cover of Allure that Keira Knightley graces. She is barely wearing anything in the picture, just a small jacket and unbuttoned pants that are very low.

Knightley said the photographer has been trying to get her in the buff for some time now and she finally relented. But she did like how the photos turned out. She said she is only unhappy when they try to enhance her breasts. She just wants the magazines to leave her chest alone and not try to make it look any different than it really is.


Ellen: Keira Knightley Off the Market

Knightley said she is getting married, or at least she was proposed to. She said so many people are asking her about the dress and when the wedding is going to be and all this madness, but she really doesn’t care. She said she has no plans and has actually turned to the internet for advice.

Knightley said every website is telling her to have a bridal tea party which she has never even heard off. She hasn’t had a tea party in her life and now she is suppose to have one because she is getting married. She said it was all very confusing.

Ellen said to hire her as the wedding planner. She would take care of it. She also told Knightley to have a small wedding. She and Portia de Rossi were going to have a huge wedding but they decided against it kept it small. Ellen said that was a better idea.


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