Ellen: Kate Walsh’s Ice Skating Accident In D.C. & Talking To Her Pets


Ellen: Kate Walsh Life After Private Practice

For the last seven years, Kate Walsh played a successful, full-time doctor on Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy. Now that Private Practice ended its run, she’s taking time off.

Ellen: Kate Walsh's Ice Skating Accident In D.C. & Talking To Her Pets

Kate Walsh is enjoying relaxing and hanging out with her pets. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Walsh said she is practicing at being a “lady of leisure ” She will pack a lunch, take long car drives and get pedicures in Marina Del Ray. She does have moments where she freaks out and worries that she won’t work again, but she’s consciously taking time to relax. She enjoys sleeping in, relaxing and hanging out with her pets.

Ellen: Kate Walsh Pets

She isn’t just hanging out with her pets, she’s talking to them now. Pablo is Walsh’s big orange cat and she’s taken to having long discussions with him. She used to get up at 5 a.m. for work, so now Pablo gets up from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. and howls. She’s tried to talk to him because she thinks he “understands English but chooses not to speak it.”

Ellen: Kate Walsh’s Ice Skating Accident

Over the holidays, Walsh went skating in Washington, D.C. She went alone in the evening and took pictures of herself while she was skating. Walsh said it was a peaceful evening. She wanted to wait and go out after the Zamboni smoothed the ice. She skated out and said it was one of the most freeing experiences of her life, until she fell on the ice. She had been wearing her sweat pants low on her hips and she tore a long gash in her side.


Ellen: Kate Walsh “Billionaire Boyfriend”

Walsh’s new perfume is Billionaire Boyfriend. The sequel to “Boyfriend,” Walsh was very involved in the perfume. She helped create the packaging and designs.

Ellen: Perfume Game

Ellen had Walsh smell five different things and identify them. She thought fresh cookies were bread or dry dog food. She correctly guessed the rest: pepper, garlic cloves, whiskey and coffee.


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