Ellen: Kate Walsh Naked Shape Magazine Cover & Mom’s Reaction


Kate Walsh Nude Shape Magazine Cover

Kate Walsh posed naked on the cover of Shape Magazine. “There’s a lot of shadowing going on, so I don’t know what’s happening,” Ellen said as she held up the magazine cover.

“Yeah, that’s the haunted area,” Kate said. She explained she had a small pair of underwear on in her photo shoot. She explained that she had to practice the pose she is doing in the cover photo.


She said that she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show off her body while she is in top form. She practiced the position at home before the shoot to make sure she could do it on the shoot day.

Ellen said there are not many poses you can do in a nude photo shoot.

Ellen: Kate Walsh Shape Magazine Nude Photo

Kate Walsh shared her mother's reaction to her nude Shape Magazine photo shoot with Ellen. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)


Kate Walsh’s Mom: Nude Photo Shoot

Ellen asked how Kate’s mom is reacting to seeing her daughter’s revealing cover photo. Kate said her mother actually left her a voicemail, which she shared with Ellen and the audience.

Here is what it said:

Yes, I did see it, and it is tasteful. I was concerned when I read about it online last week. I thought, “Oh my God,” but I think it looks OK. OK, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

Click here for a subscription to Shape Magazine.

Kate Walsh Pilates & Sleep

Ellen and Kate agreed that it was not glowing praise, but Kate said she enjoyed the Pilates poses she saw in Shape magazine. Kate said she does Pilates classes during the week.

Kate said she also thinks sleep is important to health, calling Americans “a largely under-slept culture.” Ellen said sleep plays a role in your metabolism and appetite.

Kate Walsh Dreams About Ellen

Kate told Ellen DeGeneres that her JC Penney Commercials were the best part of the 2012 Oscars. I totally agree. Kate said she recently dreamed about Ellen singing the National Anthem, which would be interesting. Ellen is more of a dancer than a singer.

“How often do you dream about me?” Ellen asked.

Ellen: Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is no stranger to TV fans. Her best known role is that of Addison Montgomery, whom she portrayed on ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, before her character moved to Los Angeles to lead the spinoff Private Practice.


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