Ellen: Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue & Modeling In Snow


Ellen: Kate Upton Swimsuit Model

For the second year in a row, Kate Upton was the body for the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She sported white bikini bottoms and a furry jacket while standing in front of a winter wonderland.

Ellen: Kate Upton In Antarctica

Ellen: Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue & Modeling In Snow

Kate Upton said she loves modeling with her hands up by her face. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Upton actually travelled to Antarctica for the shoot. Last year, the shoot took place in Australia. For the land down under it was cold and windy while she rolled around in a bikini. She shouldn’t have complained, because this year she really got cold.

Upton wondered who she ticked off to have to wear a bikini in the snow. She could only lay in the snow for about a minute before having to get warm. She really did go all out. Kate Upton wore bikinis and long scarves with furry boots while standing in the snow drifts.

She said to get through it, Upton thought warm thoughts. She imagined she was on the beach in Florida while standing ankle deep in the snow.


Ellen: Modeling With Penguins

The most seen critters in Antarctica during the shoot were penguins. Upton said they had to hike up a mountain to find the spots where they shot. They would have to stop periodically to let the penguins cross. She said the penguins made her happy, even though she was about to be naked in Antarctica.

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Ellen: Kate Upton Modeling Tips

Kate Upton said her favorite feature is her eyes. She likes to switch things up with her face when she models. Her least favorite is her small hands. She models a lot with her hands up by her face, so she hoped they stretched her hands to a more normal size. Ellen didn’t see what she was talking about. Upton is obviously good enough for SI! 


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