Ellen: Kate McKinnon Compared Ellen to Jesus & Does Ellen Impression


Kate McKinnon Cries Meeting Ellen For First Time

Kate McKinnon was on Ellen today for the first time ever and she could not believe she was actually on Ellen’s set. She told Ellen it has been a really long journey to get where she is today and she could barely keep herself from crying when the interview began.

McKinnon said she and her mother love Ellen so much they used to come up with schemes to try and meet her. One time, McKinnon’s mother told her daughter to paint a portrait of Ellen, since McKinnon said she used to be a water painter, and then send the painting to her because she would definitely be able to get on the show that way.


“I never did and I don’t know why, probably because I was supposed to get on the show taking another path,” McKinnon said.

Kate McKinnon Compares Ellen To Jesus

She was so excited to meet Ellen she even compared her to Jesus.

“I’ve arrived at the gates and here you are,” McKinnon said.


Ellen: Kate McKinnon Auditions For Saturday Night Live

McKinnon has been on Saturday Night Live for about a year now, but she may have never made it on the show if her first audition didn’t go so well. She said she had to audition in front of Lorne Michaels on the SNL stage, which she called her second heaven behind Ellen’s stage, and she was super nervous. She used up every single bit of material she had ever come up with during the five minute audition, knowing if she did not get the job right away, she was never going to be on SNL.

“Being on the stage was overwhelming,” McKinnon said of the experience. “Everything you have ever worked for comes down to this tiny moment in time.”

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Kate McKinnon Spent Years Studying Ellen For Impression

Kate McKinnon told Ellen she spent years trying to perfect her Ellen impression. Time and time again people told McKinnon she had to have an Ellen impression so one day she went to see Ellen do stand-up live, the one she filmed for her special Here and Now, and McKinnon memorized the entire routine. She then went home and dissected every single word Ellen said. She took those words and dissected how Ellen said each letter. In the end, she told Ellen the way she says her “R” is a lot different than other people. That was the key to a good Ellen impression.

Ellen: Kate McKinnon Compared Ellen to Jesus & Does Ellen Impression

Ellen talked with Kate McKinnon about her Saturday Night Live audition and asked McKinnon to do her Ellen DeGeneres impression on the show. (image credit: s_bukley, Shutterstock.com)

As for why she always says “I’m Ellen,” McKinnon said she was improvising while shooting a skit and the writers really liked how she ended the skit by saying “I’m Ellen,” so they kept it in the routine.

Kate McKinnon Awkwardly Tells Ellen Happy Birthday

Ellen was really impressed with the impression and seemed to think it was really funny and flattering. She also let the audience know she has spoken with McKinnon before and actually received a really funny DVD from McKinnon for her birthday. While Ellen thought the gift was great, McKinnon was glad Ellen didn’t remember the awkward voice mail she left her saying happy birthday.

“Your brain won’t let you remember…it is blocking out all the awkwardness,” McKinnon said.

Kate McKinnon Does Ellen Impression In Full Ellen Outfit

Ellen said she has never been in the same room as McKinnon when she does her Ellen impression, so she gave McKinnon the exact same outfit she was wearing and told her to go backstage and change into Ellen.

I literally thought McKinnon was going to faint when Ellen gave her the clothes and told her to do the impression. She looked so stunned.

At the end of the show, Ellen brought her out from backstage and gave her seat to McKinnon. Check out the video below to see how spot on McKinnon’s impression of Ellen is. She can dance like Ellen, she tells jokes Ellen would tell and she even makes the same gestures as her. It is really impressive.

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