Ellen: Kate Hudson ‘Glee’ Review and Kate Hudson Wedding Plans


Ellen: Kate Hudson Interview

Ellen: Kate Hudson Wedding Plans & 'Glee' Review

Ellen got the scoop on the new season of ‘Glee’ and Kate Hudson wedding plans with Muse lead singer Matthew Bellamy. (ChinellatoPhoto / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen talked with Kate Hudson about her fiance, Matthew Bellamy who is the lead vocalist for Muse, their wedding plans and Kate Hudson Glee review.


Kate Hudson: Wedding Plans

Kate said that her and Matt are engaged and they keep going back and forth on if they want a big wedding or if they want to get married on a mountain top. She said they have both been so busy with having a baby and being happy with that and they want to make sure it is right when it does happen, so no definite plans as of now.

Ellen: Kate Hudson Glee Review

Kate Hudson will have a guest role on the upcoming season of Glee, where she will play a dance instructor at the school Rachel (Lea Michelle) attends in New York City. Ellen said it looks amazing and Kate is a dancer and people forget that she is a dancer. Kate said she is a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan and she shows up to Glee and they are all her students in her dance class for the show, including Season 8 winner Melanie Moore. She said she was so happy to see them and was all giddy and then she gets to be mean to all of them, so it is a lot of fun. The Glee Season 4 premiere is on September 13 2012 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Kate Hudson: London Vs Los Angeles

Kate said that Matt is English and has a place in London and she lives in L.A., so they split time between the two places. She said Bingham is good on a plane and is social and walks around and sits next to people. Ryder is great and into his movies, so they are great and for her and Matt it is crazy.



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