Ellen: Kat Dennings 2 Broke Girls, Kobe Bryant & Hanson Music Video


Ellen: Kat Dennings Emmys

Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girlsstopped by Ellen January 18, 2013 to talk about her show. Ellen told Kat Dennings that she thought she saw her at the Emmys. Dennings said that she saw her, but she was too nervous to say anything.

Kat Dennings said she felt really anxious because she had to present. While she was talking about this, someone’s cell phone went off in Ellen’s studio and their ringtone was a cricket noise.


Ellen: Kat Dennings 2 Broke Girls, Kobe Bryant & Hanson Music Video

Kat Dennings stopped by Ellen January 18 2013 to talk about her show, her appearance in a Hanson video and her love of Kobe Bryant. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“Weirdly appropriate for when I was telling that story,” Kat Dennings said. Ellen said they also had a tumbleweed nearby ready to roll out.

Ellen: Kat Dennings Beth Behrs Best Friends

Kat Dennings said she and costar Beth Behrs are best friends. She said they went on vacation together and spend a lot of time together.


Ellen said that’s really rare that costars are friends enough to want to hang out outside of the show.

Ellen: Kat Dennings Kobe Bryant Connection

Kat Dennings said she became a huge basketball and Lakers fan after she started dating her boyfriend. She said they had courtside Lakers tickets recently and she and Beth Behrs went with their boyfriends.

Kat Dennings said that during the game, Kobe Bryant, in the middle of guarding someone, turned to her and said she was really funny. Then resumed the game like it never happened. Dennings said everyone in her row and all of the Laker girls looked at her like they were trying to figure out who she was.

Kat Dennings said that later, after the Lakers game, she waited to see if he’d say hi. He waved to her during an interview across the court, with a towel around his neck. She said she couldn’t believe it. “And then we parted ways, like two ships in the night,” Kat said.

Ellen: Kat Dennings Hanson Music Video

Kat Dennings said her Kobe run-in was the most exciting moment of her life until recently, when she was in a Hanson music video.

Kat Dennings said she first heard Hanson when she was six, riding her bike with her am/fm radio. She said she stopped in the street and listened, waiting for the radio DJ to tell her who did the song.

Kat Dennings said that she recently tweeted them on Twitter, telling her she was a big fan, but trying to play it cool. She said before she knew it, she was having dinner with Hanson. They invited her to make a video with them.


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