Ellen: Kaley Cuoco Masters Hot Yoga Pose & Dad’s Mother’s Day Tattoo


Kaley Cuoco Loves Keith Urban & So You Think You Can Dance Twitch

Kaley Cuoco said she wishes she could be a professional dancer. Having the So You Think You Can Dance team out on stage had her positively “Twitch”-ing.

Ellen: Kaley Cuoco Masters Hot Yoga Pose & Dad's Mother's Day Tattoo

Kaley Cuoco demonstrated for Ellen her poses in hot yoga. She recently mastered the headstand. Also, they played Ellen’s Heads Up! app, now available. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


She also got to present with Keith Urban at the Grammy Awards. Cuoco said that he was the nicest man on the planet.

“He called me baby once so I just assumed we were dating,” Kaley Cuoco said. Ellen said Keith Urban calls everyone baby. That dream was smashed pretty quickly, Kaley said.

“Good, you’re here and the intervention is working,” Ellen said.


Kaley Cuoco’s Dad Gets a Mother’s Day Tattoo

For Mother’s Day, Kaley Cuoco’s very conservative father surprised her mother with a tattoo. Not on her, but on him. He got “Layne, Best 35 years of my life” across his back. As soon he showed it to her mother she said, “This is going to have a very bad influence on the girls.”

“I’m 27!” Kaley Cuoco shouted.

Layne is not a tattoo person, but Kaley loves it. She has one on her lower back and it’s like her mother forgot.

Casear Millan Helps Kaley Cuoco’s Pitbulls

Also on Ellen’s agenda were Kaley’s dogs. She has three pitbull rescues, two girls and a boy. The girls got in a bad fight and she was prepared for the worst. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan heard her story and reached out. The dogs have been living with him for the last month and he has changed their attitudes completely, she said.

When they get back to Kaley’s home they should be in harmony. Worst case scenario, Cesar moves in with Kaley and they are all one big happy family.

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Kaley Cuoco Masters Headstand In Hot Yoga

If you thought this weather was weird, imagine doing yoga in a sweat lodge. That’s what Kaley Cuoco loves to do. She said that hot yoga is her new thing. You do moves in a boiling room and you sweat profusely. Sounds very refreshing, right? She demonstrated her biggest fear: the headstand. You can just see how this move would work your arms, back and core. Cuoco said that she had a big fear of being upside down, but she has since mastered this trick.

Ellen Heads Up! App With Kaley Cuoco

Ellen’s brand new app is Heads Up! You can record your game and embarrass your friends. Kaley had a horrible time trying to act out a seal.

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Then she really couldn’t get chimpanzee.

“Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys!”

“Smarter than that!” Ellen said.

“A smart monkey!”

Ellen is of course great with the game and animals, so she won. Kaley Cuoco, on the other hand, seemed to be taken over by her Big Bang Theory character, Penny.

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