Ellen: JWoww Blue Flask Wedding Bra & Snooki Guido Baby Costume Review


Ellen: Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo

In a clip from the new season of Snooki & JWoww, Snooki and her boyfriend are trying to navigate parenting. They said they were both exhausted, had no sleep and were going crazy. They even put on a diaper backwards.

Lorenzo is going to be six-months-old. JWoww is his godmother and she said he is just as needy for attention as his mother. She called him her “little nugget.” Lorenzo will cry and giggle for attention if you walk away from him. He looked as dashing as a baby can look in his Valentine’s sweater vest and little pants.


Ellen: JWoww Blue Flask Wedding Bra & Snooki Guido Baby Costume Review

Snooki told Ellen the secret behind her new teeth. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Snooki said she was scared of kids before she had her son. She wondered what kind of mom she would be. When they gave her Lorenzo instinct took over and she just knew what to do.

Ellen: JWoww Engaged

JWoww is engaged to be married to Roger Matthews. She was planning on her wedding to be held this summer, but Superstorm Sandy destroyed Roger’s home. She said that everyone is fine, but it’s put a hold on their plans. She is hoping to have 500 guests at the wedding. Maybe by the time it all gets sorted, Lorenzo can be the ring bearer and walk down the aisle!


Ellen: Snooki’s Horse Teeth

Before she gave birth, Snooki decided to have veneers put on her teeth. While they are much bigger than what we’re used to looking at, they don’t look bad. What’s bad is her explanation about why she wanted them.

Snooki wanted Lorenzo to look back at pictures and footage of his mother giving birth and think that she looked “hot.” I have no words to describe how strange Snooki is.

Ellen: Blue Flask Wedding Bra & Baby Guido

Ellen wanted to give Snooki and JWoww little gifts before they left. For JWoww’s wedding, Ellen gave her a blue bra. The kicker: it has a flask attached to the back with a bendy straw up her back. It was full of vodka.

For Snooki and Lorenzo, Ellen had a special baby guido costume made. The shirt was bedazzled with “GTL” and it had an “L” bling attached. It came with a guido hat with tall spiked hair. Snooki was thrilled.

You can watch Snooki & JWoww Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.


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