Ellen: Justin Timberlake ‘In Time’ Review, Ryan Gosling & The Beauty Book


Ellen Justin Timberlake Interview

Ellen got to interview her good friend Justin Timberlake about his new movie, In Time, his friendship with Ryan Gosling, and The Beauty Book that he was part of.

Ellen: Justin Timberlake In Time Review

Ellen shared a short video clip from Justin Timberlake’s new movie In Time. The clip showed Justin’s character, Will Salas, driving in a car with Sylvia, played by Amanda Seyfried. In the scene, the two were being chased by several cars and Justin employed various dangerous maneuvers to get away, including driving backwards down a freeway.


Justin Timberlake In Time: Ellen

Ellen interviewed Justin Timberlake about his new movie, "In Time." (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen had already seen the entire movie and said it was really good.

“The movie is so good,” she said. “You’ve never been better. Your acting is superb in this movie. I loved it. I loved you. I loved the movie. I loved the look.”


“I think it’s a very provocative film,” Justin said.

Ellen asked Justin to explain the movie’s plot to anyone who hadn’t heard about it.

“It’s the most difficult movie I’ve had to explain,” Justin said. “It’s very complicated. It’s a future where time is money and money is time.”

Basically, in this dystopian future, all currency has been replaced by time. Thereby, the rich live to be as old as they wish and the poor die young. Also, for some reason, people stop aging when they’re 25 years old, so even the richest people who are older than everyone look like young 20-somethings.

Justin said that the movie commented on our society’s class system and on its obsession with youth.

Ellen: Justin Timberlake Lived With Ryan Gosling?

“Another person that I love very much that you started out with is Ryan Gosling,” Ellen said to Justin.

Ellen showed a picture of Ryan and Justin circa their time in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Justin said that he and Ryan were much closer than most of the children on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because Justin’s mother was Ryan’s legal guardian for six months.

“We actually lived together when we were that age, so we were probably a little bit closer than the rest of the kids who were on the show because we had to share a bathroom,” he said.

Justin said that he’s had a lot of trouble staying in touch with Ryan as an adult, because they’re both so busy.

“He’s working a lot too,” Justin said. “It’s hard to keep up with him. He’s always been that charismatic and that talented.”

Ellen: Justin Timberlake Beauty Book For Brain Cancer

Justin told Ellen about a book that he was involved with, called The Beauty Book. It’s filled with pictures of celebrities and the proceeds from sales go to fund brain cancer research.

“Basically everyone who is beautiful and famous is in this book,” Justin said.

“Am I in it?” Ellen asked.

Justin stammered a bit and said, only semi-coherently, “Well…uh…you are busy.”

Ellen gave a teasing look of indignation and the crowd started getting a little rowdy with disapproval that Ellen wasn’t included in the book.


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