Ellen: Justin Theroux of Wanderlust Movie Break Dances


Justin Theroux Break Dancing

You may recall actor Justin Theroux’s memorable break dancing performance in Zoolander. It turns out that he did his own dancing in the movie, which is his secret hobby.

Ellen asked Justin to break dance for the audience, but he was hesitant. He said he did not want to be embarrassed, but the audience cheered for him to perform.


Ellen: Justin Theroux Break Dancing

Justin Theroux showed off his break dancing moves for Ellen. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Dating

Justin had another excuse ready for Ellen. His girlfriend, Jennifer Ashton, has been asking Justin to break dance for special events like weddings and birthdays. His excuse is that he can only break dance in his breakin’ shoes.

Jennifer made sure to dig his shoes out at the end of the night so he could perform. And today, she even sent his break dancing shoes to the show for Ellen.


Justin Theroux Break Dancing

Justin was mortified that they were actually his break dancing shoes, and he no longer had any excuses for not dancing.

To the delight of Ellen and her audience, Justin performed some of his best moves. He was a very good break dancer. I don’t think I could ever perform on command like that, and not just because I have no clue how to break dance.

Justin Theroux Screenwriting

This entertaining performance was Justin’s first ever TV talk show appearance. Ellen said he is also a screenwriter for some well known movies. You may not know that he is the writer behind such films as Iron Man 2, Tropic Thunder, and the upcoming Tom Cruise film Rock Of Ages.

Justin Theroux Wanderlust Movie

Ellen showed a clip from Wanderlust, featuring Justin with co-stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Ellen said she and wife Portia De Rossi recently saw the film, and they agreed it was hysterical.

Justin said working with Paul Rudd was great. “We had so much fun making this movie,” he said. It was filmed in Clarksville, Georgia, and the cast and crew bonded, much like the tight-knit commune depicted in the movie.

Ellen said that Justin is virtually unrecognizable and has a memorably humorous rant about outdated technology, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for that if you see the movie.

Wanderlust opens in theaters on Friday, February 24, 2012.


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