Ellen: Justin Flom Oreo Cookie Magic, Nine Card Trick & Magic Mints


Ellen: Justin Flom Cookie Magic

Ellen: Justin Flom Oreo Cookie Magic, Nine Card Trick & Magic Mints

Pick a card, any card. Justin Flom brought the magic today with a cool card trick and an extremely unsettling mint trick.

Ellen introduced Justin Flom by saying she had no idea what he was going to do, just that he was a magician.

“Sounds good. I brought cookies,” Flom said.



  1. says

    The card trick is actually pretty old and was just mathematics. Funny fact: double everything and the trick still works: 18 cards, 6th card from the left, and count out double the letters in each word. Tripling, quadrupling and quintupling would work, too.

    I think the Oreo trick was done with a prop. He seemed to be protecting a particular spot in the package and his “licking off the filling” looked pretty fake. My guess is that the prop “filling” was a spongy material that he pushed down into the hollow “cookie” and slowly let out as he relaxed his grip.

    The mint trick was done with switching out a pre-made prop using slight-of-hand.

    I have no idea how he did the iPod wire through his neck. Make-up effect of some sort?

  2. says

    Oh! I just noticed something else with the Oreo trick. (Thanks for the email, by the way.) Notice that right as he begins doing the “quarter turn” to open his Oreo, he has to quickly flip it over. Why would he need to do that? I think it’s because he goofed slightly and had the wrong part of the prop facing up. The part with the “cream filling” needs to be on the bottom for the trick to work right.

  3. Intamin says

    The headphone cord trick was simple…he had clear adhesive already on his neck, bend your head forward and the skin sticks together on both sides.

    A mint was in his right or left hand but already on the cord. When he yanked on the cable it pulled through the adhesive and popped “out” of his neck, he released the mint from his hand and it happened so fast that as the mint slid to the middle of the cable it appeared as though it came from his neck.

    All these tricks are crazy basic, honestly, I’m not very impressed by this guy.

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