Ellen: Justin Bieber’s New Single “Boyfriend” Drops March 26


Justin Bieber Single “Boyfriend” Review

To celebrate his 18th birthday, Justin Bieber made a huge announcement for fans during The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“On March 26, my first single is coming out, and it’s called ‘Boyfriend,’” he said. That’s only a few weeks away.


Ellen: Justin Bieber New Single

Justin Bieber announced the release date of his new single, "Boyfriend," on Ellen. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

He said he wrote the song with Mike Posner, and it is written in the voice of a guy speaking to a potential girlfriend. Ellen put Justin on the spot to perform the new single, but he held his ground.

Instead, Ellen guessed how the song would go and started making up her own lyrics.


Ellen: Justin Bieber

Ellen said this was Justin’s ninth appearance on her show. Justin said he thinks it was more than two years ago that he first met Ellen on her show.

The talk show host said that she knew Justin would have great success in the business. She asked him what has surprised him the most about his career.

“For me, it’s just been all a blessing. And just to be where I am, turning 18, these are the years where I’m becoming a man,” he said. He added that he’s blessed to have supportive people and fans in his life as he grows up.

Justin Bieber’s Role Model

Ellen said he is humble and authentic, and she respects his transparency and commitment to giving back. In a past appearance, Justin Bieber donated $100,000 to Whitney Elementary School, one of Ellen’s favorite causes.

Justin Bieber said he doesn’t have any celebrity role models whom he would like to emulate in his career. He did thank his mom for supporting him and setting a good example in his life.

Ellen: Justin Bieber Wetopia Facebook

She mentioned that Justin is also involved in the Facebook game Wetopia, which is a fun way to support charity. In the game, Ellen explained that you earn joy instead of points, and that joy can be used to support charitable causes in the real world.

Ellen reported that in the months the show has been promoting the Wetopia game, players have helped charities serve more than 350,000 meals and given away over 300,000 gallons of drinking water.

Plus, the game has helped people in need get warm coats and needed shoes. All these good things have come out of a Facebook game. How crazy is that?

Click here to play Wetopia on Facebook and help them give to charity.


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