Ellen: Justin Bieber Gives To High Needs Elementary School


Ellen: Justin Bieber Visits Whitney Elementary School

Ellen has long been a supporter of Whitney Elementary School a high needs school in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ellen Justin Bieber Whitney Elementary School

Justin Bieber was inspired by Ellen's work at Whitney Elementary School and decided to visit the school (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen’s good friend, Justin Bieber, saw what Ellen was doing for the school and decided he wanted to help out too! He recently visited the school and a film crew made a video of his interactions with the students and staff.


The video opened with Ellen’s assistant, Jeannie, talking to students who were eagerly awaiting Justin’s arrival. The students were coloring signs to welcome him once he got there.

Ellen: Most Whitney Students Are Homeless

Justin walked through Whitney with its principal, Sherrie Gahn. Sherrie explained to Justin that 86 percent of Whitney’s students at the school have reduced lunches, and many of them are homeless.

“They come here and as soon as I have them stabilized in a home, I’m able to give them clothes and food,” Sherrie said.


“I can really see it in your eyes that you really want to make a change and you want to help these kids and I really admire you,” Justin said.

“When they go home, on a weekend or on vacation, it’s really hard for them, because they don’t want to go home,” Sherrie said. “But we have you here today. So hopefully it won’t be that bad!”

“I’m here to bring smiles to these kids’ faces,” Justin said.

Ellen: Justin Bieber Grew Up Poor

Justin explained that he felt so compelled to reach out to those kids, because he grew up in poverty. He said his grandparents had to take him to the food banks in order to eat.

Ellen: Justin Performs ‘Mistletoe’ & ‘Baby’

Justin’s visit to the school also included a live performance of several songs for the students of Whitney.

All of the students piled into a gymnasium and sat on the floor. Justin sat on a stage and sang along to an acoustic guitar.

The first song he played was “Mistletoe” and later he played “Baby.” The students knew most of the words and sang along.

Ellen: Justin Bieber Donates $100,000 To Whitney Elmentary

During his performance, Justin gave a $100,000 check to the school!

As if that weren’t enough, he also brought $100,000 worth of toys for the students.

“This is the first time they’re going to go home and want to go home for the holidays,” Sherrie told Justin.


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