Ellen: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin in Game Change HBO Movie


Ellen: Julianne Moore Game Change Review

How do you master an impression of Sarah Palin? That’s what Ellen wanted to know when she sat down with actress Julianne Moore, who’s portraying the 2008 vice presidential candidate in an upcoming HBO film.

Did you know Julianne Moore has been in more than 50 movies? You can see her as Palin in the new TV movie Game Change. In the clip Ellen showed, the actress’s transformation is amazing.


Ellen: Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Julianne Moore told Ellen how she transformed into Sarah Palin for the HBO movie Game Change. (Image Credit: cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com)

“It’s makeup,” she said, mentioning that they used contact lenses and other effects to approximate the look, as well as studying the former Alaska governor’s mannerisms.

Tina Fey Vs Julianne Moore

I have to wonder if she took any tips from Tina Fey, who famously portrayed the candidate on Saturday Night Live during the 2008 election.


Maybe so, because Ellen recalls a scene from the movie in which Julianne, as Sarah Palin, is watching Fey’s SNL impersonation. That is pretty trippy.

“I thought Tina looked just like Sarah, until I saw this movie,” Ellen said, adding that Julianne’s transformation is more thorough than Fey’s caricature was.

Julianne Moore: Sarah Palin’s Accent

Julianne Moore said she listened to Sarah Palin’s book on tape as well as YouTube videos and other materials to get the accent down. She spent two months getting the character down, and she said her family often overheard her practicing.

Ellen asked the actress if she could still do the accent, but she said she had to let it go to focus on what she’s worked on since then.

Game Change Book Vs Movie

Ellen asked if the Palin camp has weighed in on the movie. Julianne Moore explained that the film is based on a few chapters from the book Game Change, which documented the 2008 presidential race and its candidates.

Julianne said the Palins did not seem to like the book, so she figured they might have a similar reaction to the film.

“I’d say it’s a pretty balanced portrayal, though,” the actress said. “We really sourced things everywhere we could.”

Click here to find the Game Change book, on which the HBO movie is based.

Julianne Moore Family Skiing

Julianne Moore has two children, a 14-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. She plans to take them skiing for Spring Break, even though she’s the only one in her family who doesn’t enjoy it.

She said it’s easier to learn as a child. She learned as an adult, and said it was difficult to master, especially around other beginners. She seemed to have it down in the photos Ellen showed.

Her instructor tried to teach her Side Slipping, a technique designed to help you stop by turning sideways. But she lost her footing and laid on her back. Instead of stopping, she shot down the mountain, “like doing the luge.”

She was afraid of hurting her knees or ankles, but her instructor said she was going faster than he’d ever seen her go. “The worst part was when I went home, feeling humiliated,” she said.

Julianne Moore said a fellow skiier called her out on Twitter as a bad skiier. Ellen said she has never tried skiing or snowboarding, and she thinks she is too old to try it.


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