Ellen: Josh Groban Has Fear of Dancing & All That Echoes Album Review


Ellen: Josh Groban “Brave” Performance

Josh Groban, will you be my Valentine? Ellen could not have picked a better performer to woo us all on this day of love. He’s charming, handsome and sings like a Disney prince. No really, it’s like Flynn Rider jumped out of Tangled and called himself Josh Groban.

Ellen: Josh Groban Has Fear of Dancing & All That Echoes Album Review

It’s not hard to fall in love with Josh Groban. All he has to do is sing “Brave.” (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


I’m always amazed when Groban sings. “Brave” is the first track off his new album All That Echoeswhich debuted at number one this week. He’s sold over 25 million records and it’s really no surprise. Although he’s just standing there singing, his voice mesmerizes you. In that moment, you belong to Josh Groban.

Groban knows he has a spell over you. His lyrics to “Brave” say it loud and clear. “You want to run away” but you can’t because Josh Groban started singing. “You want to look away” but Josh Groban has you hypnotized on the spot. Well played, sir.

Ellen: Josh Groban Fear Of Dancing

When you’re friends with Ellen what would be the worst fear to have? Fear of dancing, that’s what. Ellen tried to get Groban to dance today, but he wouldn’t do more than a few sways. She did get him dancing at an Emmy’s party last year. Samantha Ronson was the DJ, but no one was dancing. Ellen decided to get things started and danced onto the floor. Groban froze and she pulled him out to dance. He said dancing is still one of his biggest fears.


Ellen: Josh Groban’s Birthday

Groban’s birthday is coming up and he shares it with his brother. They are exactly four years apart to the day. He said on his fourth birthday he was hoping for a cowboy clown party and got a baby instead. It’s all cool now, they are best friends.

He said they went to a club once and were talking to some girls that thought it was so cool they share the same birthday. The girls asked them if they ever thought what it was nine months before they were born that got them there. Josh said that’s gross but his brother said it was their mom’s birthday. Guess we now know how they like to celebrate.

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