Ellen: Josh Duhamel Kids Choice Awards & Safe Haven Review


Ellen: Josh Duhamel

2013 Kids Choice Awards host Josh Duhamel is back in theaters for the new movie Safe Haven, and he seems to be on board with any excuse to visit Ellen’s show and remove an article of clothing.

In a clip from Safe Haven, he put his foot through a floorboard in a house undergoing renovations. He also put his red-sneakered foot down when he came out to see Ellen for a talk.


Ellen: Josh Duhamel Surprise Party

Ellen: Josh Duhamel Kids Choice Awards & Safe Haven Review

Ellen’s guest Josh Duhamel talked about his new movie Safe Haven, with Julianne Hough, his 40th birthday, and hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Josh said that visiting Ellen’s show is a great boost for his self-esteem. Ellen buttered him up with compliments, and Josh said he was waiting for the punchline to come.


Believe it or not, Josh Duhamel just had his 40th birthday, and his wife threw him a great surprise party. He is married to Fergie, and she probably does know how to throw a good party. This surprise party lasted three days.

Among the surprises were his sister hitchhiking along the road, and other friends and family members popping up with surprises. “It was ice sculptures, and it was bands and it was taco stands,” he said in summation, recalling that he also drank a lot of tequila.

Ellen: Josh Duhamel Valentine’s Day

As for Valentine’s Day, Josh vamped that his date with Fergie was wonderful, despite the fact that his interview was taped in advance. Ellen helped him out with a gift of heart-shaped underwear, which he promptly tried on for Ellen’s cheering audience.

“I have a heart on,” he joked after trying on the outfit.

Ellen: Safe Haven Review

Josh co-stars with Julianne Hough in the new movie Safe Haven. Ellen gave it a rave review, and praised the chemistry between the stars.

Duhamel said the film was just shot in summer 2012, so the memories are fresh in his mind. Sometimes movies take forever to come out after they have been filmed; just ask Jessica Chastain.

Safe Haven is now in theaters everywhere.

Ellen: Josh Duhamel Kids Choice Awards

Josh Duhamel is hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this year, and to give someone in the audience a chance to win tickets, Ellen got Josh to help her play a game.

Anisha had to put on a poncho and a helmet with a spike on top. She had to answer questions correctly to avoid having a balloon lowered closer to her. If she got enough questions wrong, she would get slimed. But if she got enough questions right, she would stay dry and go to the 2013 Kids Choice Awards.

  • Who sings “Born in the USA”? – Bruce Springsteen (she was wrong)
  • What’s another word that means Swift? – Quick or fast (she was wrong)
  • What is the third planet from the sun? – Earth (she was wrong)

She got three wrong in a row and was covered in messy slime. But at least Ellen gave her the tickets anyway. The Kids Choice Awards air March 23 2013 on Nickelodeon.


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