Ellen: Josh Bowman Revenge Tattoo & Starbucks Vote Give Grow


Ellen: Josh Bowman Revenge

Ellen DeGeneres and her staff just can’t get enough of the new addictive soap Revenge, and today one of its stars, Josh Bowman, caught Ellen DeGeneres up on the behind the scenes action on the popular ABC drama.

Ellen: Revenge & Draw Something

Ellen: Josh Bowman Revenge

Revenge star Josh Bowman made his talk show debut with a chat on Ellen. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)


Josh Bowman said that he and the rest of the cast and crew are also hooked on the Draw Something App, which could be what’s been holding up production.

Ellen: Josh Bowman Finding Nemo

You can tell that Josh Bowman is still getting used to his increased profile, because he was totally starstruck by Ellen. He’s a huge fan of Finding Nemo, in which Ellen is the voice of Dory. He told her he’s seen the movie at least 20 times.

Ellen: Comme des Garcons Fashion

It is a great movie, and Ellen said she’s proud of it. Josh admitted that this is his first talk show appearance, and he is nervous.


He complimented Ellen on her Comme des Garcons sweater. Then she teased him by saying it’s customary for you to take your shirt off during your first talk show appearance, but he wasn’t falling for it.

He did, however, show off his Ellen Underwear, just like Nick from Karmin. Ellen promised he’d become addicted to the comfortable underwear she gives to all her guests.

Ellen: Josh Bowman Accent

Ellen pointed out Josh’s British accent, which she never would’ve suspected was his actual voice. His Revenge character has an American accent, and she wondered if it’s difficult for him to go back and forth.

He said that he’s mastered his American accent over the last few years, and Ellen said he’s selling it very well.

Ellen: Josh Bowman Tattoo

Ellen showed off a picture of Josh’s tattoo, which runs up the right side of his torso. The tattoo is in Latin, but he told Ellen it says “Don’t Let the [Bleep] Get You Down.” I’m not sure what the bleep was for, but since he’s British, I’m guessing it was ‘bastards.’

Josh also revealed that he sleeps in the nude, and to help him out around the house, Ellen gave him an embroidered bathrobe that was really more of a jacket. It had Ellen’s face on the back, but it only went down to his waistline.

You can see Josh Bowman and the rest of the Revenge gang when new episodes resume Wednesday nights on ABC.

Ellen: Starbucks Vote Give Grow

From the audience, Ellen invited Angie Mendoza to take a spin on her “not rigged” Billion Dollar Wheel of Riches. Since no one’s hit the jackpot yet, Ellen and Angie agreed that her chances were pretty good.

Angie only had one spin to make it count. The wheel missed the $1 billion, but Angie did win a $1,000 Starbucks gift card, which should keep her caffeinated for quite some time.

Ellen noted that the Starbucks Foundation is giving away $4 million to nonprofit groups, and you can vote on how they should spend the money at votegivegrow.com.

Everyone in the studio audience got a $100 Starbucks gift card, which should also go a long way.


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