Ellen: Joseph Gordon-Levitt “Looper” and Hosting “Saturday Night Live”


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Saturday Night Live” Host

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt just recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and he was hilarious in all of his sketches. However, he kicked off the show with his funniest sketch of all: a parody of Magic Mike. Joseph tore off his shirt and danced all over the stage like a true pro, so Ellen complimented him on his awesome dance moves.

Joseph picked up some dance moves from his friend and Magic Mike’s real star, Channing Tatum. Joseph and Channing worked together on a film called Stop/Loss. They lived together in Austin and went out drinking and dancing every night. Joseph was also in really great shape for an upcoming project, so he figured, why not take advantage of it and strip?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Robert Lincoln in “Lincoln”

Ellen: Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Looper" and Hosting "Saturday Night Live"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt discussed his new film “Looper” with Ellen. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

This summer, Joseph gave a fantastic performance in The Dark Knight Rises. Next up, he will be starring in the upcoming Steven Spielberg biopic Lincoln, starring Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis as the American President. Joseph plays Robert Lincoln, the President’s son, and for his role he wore a fake mustache. Joseph admitted that can’t grow a very good one on his own!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: hitRECord

While he was talking, Ellen noticed a red button on Joseph’s lapel and asked what it was about. Joseph explained that the button is a symbol of his company, hitRECord, that he founded when he was younger. The project is now a collaborative production company that anyone can contribute to, so Joseph encouraged everyone to check it out.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Looper” Preview

Joseph is also starring in the upcoming time travel action-thriller Looper. He plays an assassin from the future who uses time travel to commit murder, but is forced to flee when he is asked to kill the future version of himself. Bruce Willis stars as the older version of Joseph’s character.

In order to look more like Bruce Willis, Joseph wore prosthetics that took three hours every morning to complete. He said that the process is “inspiring and bizarre,” and the results were truly uncanny. Looper is already getting great reviews, and it’s a film that Joseph said he is really proud of.

Looper is in theaters on Friday, September 28. Ellen asked Joseph if he would show off a few of his moves before he left, but unfortunately, he declined!


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