Ellen: Jonah Hill Hosts SNL & Takes Mom To Oscars


Ellen & Jonah Hill Matching Outfits

Are Jonah Hill and Ellen DeGeneres twins? Obviously not, but they did dress almost exactly alike today. “If I’m going to be dressed like anyone, it’s you,” Jonah said. Both host and guest wore black pantsuits and gray shirts.

Ellen: Jonah Hill Saturday Night Live

Ellen: Jonah Hill SNL

Actor Jonah Hill told Ellen about his recent experience hosting Saturday Night Live. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)


Jonah Hill recently hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time. He said he grew up watching the show, and highlights included a monologue with Tom Hanks.

“The first time I was more nervous,” he explained to Ellen. “This time I was just scared I was going to suck.”

He got to bring his friends and family along to be in the show’s audience, so he focused on trying to make them laugh. But that got him into trouble when his friend’s laugh set Jonah’s own laughter off in the middle of a sketch.


Ellen: Jonah Hill Moneyball

Ellen said she thinks one of Jonah’s greatest strengths is his line delivery. She said the fact that his role in Moneyball required that to be more restrained actually helped him perform so well in the 2011 Brad Pitt film.

Jonah stayed at Brad Pitt’s New Orleans home while filming Moneyball, which is a well known location to tourists and local residents. He said the neighbors were often disappointed when he stepped out of the SUV instead of Brad.

Ellen: Jonah Hill’s Mom As Oscar Date

Jonah was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Moneyball, as Ellen predicted. He took his mom as his Oscar date, and she made friends with Brad Pitt’s mother and Owen Wilson’s mom.

They hung out together on Oscar night, and that must be an interesting conversation for them. It’s a weird position to find yourself in, probably, as the parent of a celebrity. Who else is better suited to commiserate than these three women?

Ellen: Jonah Hill Painting

During a previous appearance on Ellen, Jonah Hill received a housewarming gift: a silly old fashioned portrait of himself in period clothes from the 18th century. He showed a picture of the portrait, which now hangs above his bed. That’s got to be a real hit with Jonah’s potential romantic partners.


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