Ellen: Jonah Hill ’21 Jump Street’ & Near Drowning


Ellen: Jonah Hill 21 Jump Street

Actor Jonah Hill is one of the stars of the new movie 21 Jump Street, based on the old Fox TV series.

“We turned it into Bad Boys meets a John Hughes movie,” Jonah explained. “Like a big action comedy.”


Ellen: Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum

Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum, co-stars in the 21 Jump Street movie, had a mishap while swimming drunk in Australia. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jonah Hill Screenwriter & Actor

Jonah plays an undercover cop who goes back to high school to fight crime. “I’ve been working on this movie for five years,” Jonah said.

He started co-writing it at age 23, and he and co-star Channing Tatum are producers on the film. “From 23 to 28, that’s a lot of my life,” he said.


Ellen’s Favorite Jonah Hill Scene in 21 Jump Street

There is a scene in the new movie where Jonah’s character shoves a woman into a pile of shoes to avoid having his cover blown. Ellen said she watched the movie alone, but that this scene had her laughing out loud.

Jonah said that it’s based on a true story told to him by one of the undercover cops he spoke with in researching the screenplay for the movie, which he wrote.

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Ellen: Channing Tatum Acting Performance

Ellen said that Channing Tatum is clearly attractive, but audiences might be surprised at how funny and talented he is when they see this film.

“He’s the best guy ever,” Jonah said. “You want to not like people that good looking in life.”

You can see Jonah and Channing in 21 Jump Street, in theaters Friday March 16 2012.

Ellen: Jonah Hill Australia

The pair visited Australia to promote 21 Jump Street, and they had a misadventure during their trip. Jonah and Channing were drinking during the long flight, and went swimming while drunk upon arriving Down Under.

“We went swimming at Tamarama Beach, which apparently…has a reality show about dumb tourists drowning there, because it’s so dangerous and the riptide is so crazy,” Jonah said.

Ellen: Jonah Hill Near Drowning

A lifeguard approached him and told him to return to the beach; he didn’t realize how far out he had swum. Jonah said that the paparazzi took one shot of him swimming and blew up the story.

“You weren’t drowning. You were just drunk and awesome,” Ellen summarized. She surprised Jonah with Ellen Floaties for his next swimming adventure.


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