Ellen: Jon Hamm, Friends With Kids & Mad Men Banana Republic Line


Ellen: Jon Hamm Saturday Night Live

Did you hear that Jon Hamm was the standby host for Saturday Night Live last weekend?

The host was troubled star Lindsay Lohan, and Jon Hamm was indeed in the audience, mentioned as the backup host. Ellen asked him if that was real or a joke.


“It was a joke,” Jon Hamm said. “Lindsay did a great job.”

He said he’s always glad to pop by the show and is friendly with the cast and crew.

Ellen: Jon Hamm Mad Men

Ellen spoke with Mad Men star Jon Hamm about the new movie "Friends With Kids" with longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Jon Hamm Bridesmaids

Jon Hamm also appeared in 2011’s comedy hit Bridesmaids. But he didn’t know at the time that it would become such a hit.

“I think that movie surprised everybody involved with it,” he told Ellen. The script and actress Melissa McCarthy were nominated for Academy Awards.

Jon Hamm explained that his role as a jerk in Bridesmaids provided a balance for the other, more positive characters.

Jon Hamm Mad Men & Banana Republic

Jon Hamm stars in AMC’s Mad Men, which is finally set to return, after more than a year’s hiatus, on March 25 2012. Banana Republic has teamed with the show to develop a line of modern clothes inspired by the show’s ‘60s styles.

Ellen said Jon Hamm always looks nice, and she asked if he feels pressure to live up to his character’s dapper image. He explained that on his time off he is “significantly less put together.”

Click here to check out a part of the Banana Republic Mad Men collection.

Jon Hamm’s Dog: PBS Martha Speaks

Jon Hamm has a dog named Cora, and the dog is following in its parents’ footsteps to the spotlight. Jon and his partner Jennifer Westfeldt were approached by the producers of the PBS series Martha Speaks, who wanted to animate the couple and their dog.

According to the couple’s dog sitter, Cora really enjoyed her animated portrayal. Ellen said she often wonders if her pets understand what’s going on when they watch her show on TV.

Jon Hamm Friends With Kids

The new movie Friends With Kids is a family affair for Jon and Jennifer. They developed and produced it together. Jennifer wrote, directed, and starred in the project.

You might have seen her in the 2001 romantic comedy Kissing Jessica Stein or Ira & Abby. The first film was about dating, the second tackled marriage, and this new film is about kids, forming what Jon called “an unintentional trilogy.”

Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt Pregnant?

The couple has been together 15 years, and based on the plot of the new movie, Ellen asked if Jon and Jennifer feel pressured to have children of their own.

“We’ve seen a lot of our friends go through it,” Jon said, dodging the question, but adding that those observations led to this movie. He said it was fascinating to watch their friends’ lives change as they became parents.

Jon Hamm is also reunited with his Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig and a strong cast in Friends With Kids, which you can see in theaters starting March 9 2012.


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