Ellen: John Aniston Soap Opera Spoof & Matthew Perry Friends Reunion


Jennifer Aniston’s Mini Friend’s Reunion

Jennifer Aniston asked her friend Matthew Perry for advice on hosting with Ellen. He has hosted before, so Jen stopped by at 8:00 a.m. He wasn’t super pleased about it. He told Jen that she needs to call next time, but Jennifer was so confused. She thought they were friends.

Ellen: John Aniston Soap Opera Spoof & Matthew Perry Friends Reunion

Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston, joined Ellen for a soap opera spoof. Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox came together for a Friends reunion. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Aniston said she just didn’t know as many “dumb jokes” as Matthew Perry.

“Really, you thought those were dumb jokes?” Matthew scoffed.

“Sweetie,” Jen said sadly.


Matthew Perry told Jen to be herself. Ellen is very sweet, kind and funny. He wouldn’t tell her if it was scripted or improvised.

“You’ve got to give me something to go on.”

“Oh, don’t say Go On,” Matthew mumbled. His hilarious comedy got cancelled last week.

All of a sudden, Courteney Cox walked out of Matthew’s house. They’ve been hanging out the whole time. Courteney was mad that Matthew invited Jen over, but he really didn’t. It was a throwback to the episode of Friends where everyone finds out the Chandler and Monica were dating.

Next, Portia De Rossi crept out of Matthew’s house, followed by Ellen, crawling on her knees. Matthew tried to convince her that she was crazy.

“LeBlanc, get out of the fountain, man!” Matthew yelled as he went back inside.

Jennifer Aniston: We’re the Millers August 9

Jennifer Aniston’s newest film, We’re the Millers,  comes out August 9 2013. It’s about a guy (Jason Sudeikis) that needs to create a fake family in order to smuggle marijuana into the United States. Aniston pretends to be his wife and mother to Emma Roberts, who plays his daughter.

Ellen Helps Acting Student Find a Job

A few weeks ago, Ellen met Tess, a young woman going to school for acting. She met her through an audience dance contest and brought her back to test out her acting skills. Today, Tess came back and talked with Ellen and Aniston.

“My dream job would be to act and eat,” Tess said. Jennifer Aniston said that’s her dream job too.

Jennifer and Ellen both know a lot of people in the business and promised to help her get auditions. They also had a surprise for Tess.

John Aniston & Jennifer Aniston Guest on Tales of Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Ellen’s soap opera spoof this week featured her wife, Portia De Rossi, and Jennfer Aniston. Portia played Polly Esther Wellington, Ellen’s sister. Polly and Ellen were fighting over Paco, a guy with fake mustaches that have a tendencies to fall off.

Aniston came in during their cat fight, playing the French maid Janet. She started saying “shut up” in French, which was apparently what Aniston thought was “excuse me.”

“Les Miserables! C’est la vie!” Aniston exclaimed.

There was a knock at the door and Polly and Ellen’s father walked in. As another surprise, John Aniston, Jennifer’s real life dad, walked in. He confessed that he was not Polly and Ellen’s father, but really Janet the Maid’s. He did find their biological mother, though. Tess walked out and embraced her daughters.


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