Ellen: Joel McHale Community Review & The Soup Kardashian Wedding


Ellen: Joel McHale Community Review

Ellen showed a clip of NBC‘s hit show Community. The characters were trying to decide who they wanted to be lab partners with by making a list of their top eight choices.

Joel McHale said the new season of Community will be very exciting, featuring new cast members.


Ellen: Joel McHale Community Review

Joel McHale gave Ellen a Community Review and talked about his children, Ellen's new book, and the Kardashian wedding. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

John Goodman is now on the show,” Joel said. “We also have Luiz Guzman, Jeff Garland, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, a live dragon…”

Ellen: Joel McHale Seriously…I’m Kidding Review

Joel asked Ellen about her new book, Seriously…I’m Kidding.


“Do you have a book coming out Ellen? Today?” he asked.

Ellen picked up a copy from behind her seat and told him, “I’ll give you one. I’ll sign it.”

“I don’t know how to read,” Joel teased.

Ellen: Joel McHale The Soup

Ellen asked Joel about his show on E!, The Soup. She wondered whether Joel covered the Kardashian wedding. Joel said he did not but that it was definitely big news.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Is the Kardashian wedding bigger than the royal wedding?'” Joel said. “And I say yes.”

Joel was clearly being sarcastic, implicitly teasing America‘s strange obsession with celebrities. He called the Kardashian wedding the biggest thing to happen to humans since they lost their tails.

Ellen: Joel McHale Nancy Grace Nipple Slip

“The biggest story since [the Kardashian marriage] has been the nipple slip of Nancy Grace,” Joel said. “It didn’t slip. The nipple was trying to escape. Yes, like the Von Trap family in The Sound Of Music.”

“The news you do, obviously people are interested in it,” Ellen said.

“It’s saddening, but I profit from it,” Joel said.

Ellen: Joel McHale’s Children

Joel McHale said the public’s fascination with celebrity gossip especially concerns him now that he has children.

“Now I have children, so I worry for them,” he said, referring to his sons, who are three and six years old.

Ellen showed pictures of Joel‘s children. Both of them had shaggy blonde hair.

“We don’t cut their hair,” Joel said jokingly.

Joel said he had recently started potty training his youngest son.

“We did this thing where you just take the diapers off and you wait,” Joel said. “It was pretty hairy.”

Joel said it was a messy process but eventually worked out.

“I had said to him, ‘Good job’ so many times so now when I go, he’ll run up right next to the toilet and say, ‘Good job, Daddy!” Joel said.


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